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The Great Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

The typical water heater uses a tank filled with heated water that flows to your faucets and appliances on demand. While this is the standard, a traditional water heater doesn't work for every home and family. Tankless water heaters have some great points that may make them better for your home. Here are four of them.

1. Instant Water

With a tankless water heater, you can enjoy instant hot water. If you want to do laundry and then the dishes, you don't need to wait for a traditional water heater to heat up enough water for both tasks. This is great for showers, too. It gets humid in the summer here in Monroe, LA. With a tankless heater, you don't need to wait if you are sweaty and just want a warm shower.

2. Energy Savings

One of the best features of tankless water heaters is the potential savings on your energy bill. Since they only heat water when you need it, you only pay for the hot water you use. This is particularly good for households that don't use a lot of hot water during the day. It is also great for people who are away from home for most of the day. Even if you aren't using hot water, you are still paying to keep water hot with a traditional water heater.

3. Space

Traditional water heaters need a lot of space to fit their large tanks. If you live in a smaller home, you may not have room for a large tank. All of that space is also unusable since your water heater needs a lot of clearance to operate safely. Tankless water heaters take up much less space. They can frequently be mounted on the wall, leaving you some welcome floor space.

4. Customization

With a tankless water heater, you can customize your setup to meet your needs. Since tankless water heaters are so small, you can install them to supply specific needs like those of a shower or sink. Household members won't need to fight for hot water. Since you can install a tankless water heater close to the point of use, you will also get your hot water much faster. If you have a larger family, and everyone wants to shower at the same time, you can easily make sure each shower has its own dedicated heater. No one will have to shiver in a cold shower again.

Install a Tankless Water Heater Today

If a tankless water heater sounds like the right choice for your home, you need to arrange for installation. Trust the professional plumbers at Gordon AC & Plumbing. We know tankless water heaters and can help you choose the right unit for you. Contact us today.

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Here’s Why Only a Professional Should Install Your Water Heater

Water heaters are readily available at many hardware stores around Monroe, LA. However, just because you can easily purchase one doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to try to install it yourself. Consider these five reasons to have a professional plumber install your next water heater.

1. It's Safer

Safety hazards pose one of the biggest risks associated with installing a new water heater. If you’re installing a gas furnace, there’s the risk of creating a dangerous leak. With an electric water heater, there’s the risk of electrical injury or fire.

Professional plumbers are trained and skilled in dealing with both electrical circuits and gas supplies. They can keep you and your home safe both during and after the installation.

2. You Can Avoid Damage to Your Home

Water heaters can be a bit tricky, especially when you’re putting the system in place. These units are heavy and can be difficult to maneuver into place, especially if you have to take them down any stairs.

Professionals have the equipment to move heavy pieces like a water heater. They also know how to maneuver these units into place without damaging the unit or anything in your home.

3. Professionals Comply With Permit and Code Regulations

You may not think it matters much if you pull the right permit or if your system is up to code. After all, if the appliance heats your water properly, does it really matter?

There are two reasons why permits and code compliance are actually a big deal. First, if your water heater isn’t installed according to code, you may invalidate your homeowner’s insurance. Should something catastrophic happen as a result of the new water heater, it would be a double loss without your insurance.

The second reason is protecting your ability to sell your home. If your unit isn’t up to code, that’ll come up in the presale inspection and may derail your sale.

4. You'll Keep a Valid Warranty

Your unit’s warranty is just as important as your homeowner’s insurance. Just like insurance companies, manufacturers understand how much damage can be done to a unit without proper training. Therefore, trying to install the unit yourself may invalidate your manufacturer’s warranty.

5. Professionals Will Properly Remove Your Old Unit

Once your new unit is in place, there’s still the headache of removing the old unit. While you may be able to navigate getting it out of your home, what will you do with it from there?

When a professional plumber installs a new water heater, they take the old one with them, disposing of it properly. All you have to do is clear a path to and from the door so that the plumber can get in and out.

Get the best possible performance from your new water heater from the start. Call to schedule your water heater installation in Monroe, LA with the expert plumbers at Gordon Air & Plumbing.

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4 Drain Cleaning Benefits That Save You Money

When it comes to home maintenance projects, the home’s drains are often overlooked. Even though they are one of the most used features of a home, most homeowners give their structural integrity and performance little thought until something turns into a costly problem. One of the best things you can do for your drains is create a regular drain cleaning schedule to remove debris and clogs from the system. Here are some ways that having your drains cleaned saves you money.

Prevents Costly Pipe Blockages

Clogged pipes affect drainage from your sinks, tubs, and toilets by restricting the flow of water and waste through the plumbing system. Having your drains cleaned regularly removes clogs while they are still small, preventing them from fully blocking the pipe and damaging it, which would require a costly replacement. If you notice that water is taking a long time to drain away, it is time to have your drains cleaned.

Prevents Excessive Spending on Air Fresheners

The smell that emanates from clogged drains and pipes is nasty and can permeate all areas of the home. This smell is often a combination of odors from sewage gas, mold, mildew, and rotting debris. Once this smell enters your home, it can be hard to get rid of and often prompts considerable spending on air freshening solutions. Keeping your drains free of clogs prevents this problem.

Prevents Property Damage

A sewage backup in the home can be a very expensive problem to fix. In most cases, things that are damaged by sewage must be thrown away and replaced. The cleaning and repair fees are also costly and you may not want to be living in the home until all of the repairs and cleaning has been completed. Ensuring that your drains are flowing freely greatly reduces the risk of property damage from a sewage backup.

Extends the Life of Your Pipes

Replacing pipes is a pricey project that most homeowners do only when absolutely necessary. Having the drains cleaned regularly removes build-up in the pipes that can lead to corrosion and cracking over time, extending the life of the pipes and reducing the risk of leaks. Regular drain cleaning will also help you identify any issues with the pipes before there is a catastrophic failure.


Cleaning your drains on a regular schedule helps them work efficiently and prevents the development of problems that require high-priced repairs and replacements. The plumbing experts here at Gordon AC & Plumbing have been helping Monroe, LA residents with their plumbing issues for nearly three decades. If you are looking for effective and dependable drain services, contact us at (318) 202-9144 today!

Pay Attention to These 5 Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repair

Water heater problems can become an emergency, especially if your unit is gushing water. However, you don't have to wait for that moment to realize it has issues and needs repairs. Pay attention to these five signs, and avoid expensive emergency visits.

Weak Hot Water Pressure

A pretty obvious sign you have hot water problems is reduced pressure when you try to run the hot water. This is commonly caused by mineral deposits left in your unit from your water. When they collect around the heating components, these deposits can end up blocking pipes, restricting the flow, and reducing pressure.

Unusual Sounds

Your unit should run nearly silently when it's in good condition. If it starts making unusual sounds, especially if they're loud, it's time to bring in a professional. Loud banging, popping, or cracking sounds should raise your attention to the need for service. Often, this is simply a buildup of minerals that can be flushed out. However, if let go for too long, these sounds may weaken your unit's structural integrity, which can lead to water heater replacement.

Corrosion on or in Your Unit

Corrosion will eventually form in your unit from the minerals in the water as it circulates. However, if you see that corrosion on the outside of your unit, it's time for a service call. You may also notice your water is discolored, which is a sign of internal corrosion. If caught early, you may only need to replace the sacrificial anode rod, which helps reduce corrosion. However, once the corrosion becomes extensive through your unit, it will need a replacement.

Leaking Water

Before your unit experiences a catastrophic failure, you may notice a little water leaking around the base. Small leaks could indicate any number of repairable problems, including too much pressure inside, a faulty drain or pressure relief valve, and even sediment buildup.

Lack of Hot Water Volume

While you may have plenty of pressure, you may notice that you seem to run out of hot water quickly. An electric water heater typically has two heating elements — one at the top and the other at the bottom. These work together to heat the water throughout the tank. A lack of hot water volume indicates a bad element.

A gas water heater has only a single burner, with the hot exhaust running through a flue through the center of the tank. There are baffles that allow the exhaust to heat water throughout the tank as it travels up to the vent. Reduced hot water volume may indicate an issue with the burner unit or one of the regulating sensors.

Don't let your water heater leave you with property damage or cold showers. Call to schedule your water heater repair appointment in Monroe, LA, with the expert plumbers at Gordon Air & Plumbing today.

Is It Time to Replace Your Toilet?

You use it multiple times a day, but when's the last time you really thought about your toilet? If you're like most people, you don't give it much thought until there's a problem with it. If you're experiencing any of the toilet-related problems below, it's time to consider a replacement.

It's 25 Years or Older

Toilet efficiency has come a long way over the last quarter of a century. If your toilet is over 25 years old, it's time to consider a replacement. Not only are the inner workings of your toilet likely on their last leg, but your toilet is likely using more water than is necessary, which means high water bills that you shouldn't be paying.

A Cracked Tank

Anytime that a toilet in your Monroe, LA, home experiences a crack in the tank, it's time to call for toilet installation services. Toilets are specifically designed to have a holding tank to keep freshwater. When that tank experiences even the tiniest of cracks, it can allow water to seep out. This can wreak havoc on your flooring and other bathroom components near where the leak is.

You're Constantly Replacing Internal Parts

It's not uncommon for internal parts of your toilet to break every now and then. When you're replacing a flush valve here and an inlet valve there, it's not a big concern. However, if you've turned into the weekend plumber because your toilet is constantly breaking, it's time to consider a replacement. It's not worth investing money in fixing every internal component when you can spend less than that on a brand-new toilet for your home.

The Bowl Is Round

While it isn't a cause for immediate concern, a round toilet bowl isn't the most comfortable. Upgrading to an elongated-shaped bowl can add more seat area to the bowl. It also allows your toilet to stay cleaner and prevents most odors from escaping. Our plumbers at Gordon AC & Plumbing can help you upgrade your toilet bowl.

Excessive Clogging

Everyone that has owned a toilet has likely dealt with a clog or two. That's not uncommon. However, if you're dealing with bouts of excessive clogging, the culprit could actually be your aging toilet. Talking with an experienced plumber can help you to determine if an upgrade with solve your excessive clogging problem.

It Has Internal Leaks

The water in your toilet tank should remain there until you flush it. Then, it will travel down to the bowl. If you notice that the water in your tank is seeping into your bowl without any flushing, it's an indication of an internal leak. If fixing the drain stopper doesn't solve the problem, you will likely need to replace your whole toilet.

If you're experiencing any of the issues above, it's likely time to get a new toilet. Call our plumbing experts at Gordon AC & Plumbing today to get quality toilet installation services for your home.

Cleaning Tips For Your Tough Bathroom Challenges

We all rely on our bathrooms as the place we go to get clean. But do you ever feel like that space can never get enough cleaning to counterbalance the things that it witnesses? There are some real cleaning challenges that every bathroom presents. But we are here to offer Monroe homeowners some tips and solutions that our professional plumbers know will get those nasty messes clean and eliminate the odors that germs and other residues can cause.

Tracking Down That Lingering Odor In Your Bathroom

Most homeowners in the Monroe area go to great lengths to eliminate odors in their home's bathrooms. So it is very frustrating to discover that no amount of cleaning or air fresheners can handle that pungent and unpleasant odor that is constantly hanging in the space. Many people will try to eliminate or mask the odor with sprays, candles, or air fresheners, but the result is always a fragrance tainted by an awful smell. And the cause is typically centered around some issue with your toilet. Below are some of the common reasons that you cannot eliminate that foul smell.

Critical Information About Cleaning Up A Basement Sewage Backup

Homeowners in must understand that any sewage backup in your basement represents a potential health hazard to you and your loved ones. So it is going to require more than just a clean-up. Of course, the area needs to be sanitized. But you also need to be sure that you do not expose yourself to any of the bacteria, toxins, or parasites present in human waste.

Are You Overworking Your Furnace?

When cold weather rolls into town, homeowners are glad to have reliable heating from their furnace. Without that heat source, the house would become uncomfortable and unsafe in a very short time. But many people are not aware of the mistakes that they are making that cause their home’s furnace to work harder than necessary. And these mistakes result in higher heating bills and a shorter life expectancy for their furnace. Applying just a few simple tips can help you reduce your monthly heating cost and extend the life of your heating system by as much as several years.
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