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Water Filtration
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Expert Water Filtration System Installation in Monroe, La

Gordon Air and Plumbing always gives our customers our undivided attention, especially when it involves your water filtration system. If your water tastes bad, smells strange, has an unusual color, contains visible particles, appears suspiciously cloudy, or stains your clothes or dishes, a water filtration system can help. Our highly skilled technicians are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to install these systems across Monroe, Louisiana.

In addition to providing free estimates and same-day service, our locally and family-owned and operated company takes pride in ensuring that our customers have the safest water possible. We proudly install HALO Water Systems, which protects your health by eliminating harmful contaminants from municipal water.

Furthermore, their HALO water filtration systems improves the taste of your water, improves the quality of your showers, assists your washing machine in getting things cleaner, and keeps your appliances running smoothly. Give us a call today at (318) 202-9144 to schedule an appointment to install your brand new water filtration system in Monroe!

What Are The Benefits Of A Water Filtration System?

The best way to guarantee that the water we drink is completely uncontaminated is to install a water filtration system like HALO Water Systems, such as a whole-house filter or a filter attached to the water line of a sink or other water source in the home. Some of the advantages of using a water filter include:

Better Tasting Water

Water is one of the best liquids for your body, and drinking more water can help your health in many ways. With a whole house water filter in your home, every time you turn on the tap, the water will taste clean and fresh.

Reduced Limescale & Mineral Buildup

Limescale is the buildup from the lime and other minerals in your water. Limescale is not only ugly, but it can also build up in pipes and appliances. It can also make your water taste bad.

A good whole-house water filtration system like HALO Water Systems will get rid of a lot of the problems caused by limescale and make your water taste better, too.

Cleaner Laundry & Reduced Laundry Detergent Costs

If there are a lot of minerals in the water, it can make soap less effective. With a water filtration system in Monroe, appliances like your clothes washer and dishwasher will do a better job of cleaning. Your clothes and dishes will be cleaner, and mineral deposits won’t build up on your appliances.

Happier & Healthier Skin

Chemicals in water, like chlorine, can be bad for people with sensitive skin or skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis. Having a water filtration system such as HALO Water Systems in your home can prevent skin irritation and avoid further issues.

Better Plumbing System Longevity

Minerals, heavy metals, and chemicals in your water can damage your pipes and appliances that use water. By getting rid of these things where they start, you can make your pipes, hot water heaters, and other home appliances last longer.

Going Green!

Plastic bottles make up a large amount of waste in the world, and there are mounting environmental costs associated with our society’s excessive use of plastic. Unfortunately, there is no assurance that the plastic bottles you dispose of responsibly will actually be recycled. One way to help fix this issue is to stop throwing away plastic bottles at home.

Save Money on Bottled Water

The cost of buying bottled water for the household sinks in fast. The annual bill for a typical family of four drinking two to three water bottles per day can easily reach $500. A water filtration system such as HALO Water Systems is an investment that can quickly pay for itself.

Safer Drinking Water

When people do not have access to safe drinking water, it can have serious consequences. Heavy metals and other pollutants can be harmful to their health and, at the very least, make drinking water unpleasant. There is always the possibility of system failure, so it is best to be cautious. When it comes to protecting your family’s health, investing in a high-quality home water filtration system is a no-brainer.

When Is It Time To Get A Water Filtration System?

Although a whole-house water filtration system is a good idea for any home, there are some situations in which it is especially important to have one:
If you’re ready to have your new water filtration system installed in Monroe, Bastrop, Ruston, Sterlington, and Minden, please give us a call at (318) 202-9144 to set up an appointment. Our friendly blue and white trucks will be at your home in a jiffy!