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Drain Cleaning Monroe, La

Have slow draining sinks, toilets, showers & tubs finally become too much for you too handle? If so, you have come to the right place! Here at Gordon AC & Plumbing we specialize in fast & affordable clogged drain cleaning in Monroe, West Monroe, & Sterlington Louisiana. Our locally owned and operated plumbing company is open 7 days a week to serve you. Conveniently located in West Monroe, we proudly serve the residents of Ouachita Parish with flexible scheduling options, quick dispatching, and top-quality plumbing & drain cleaning services.

We Clear Clogs Fast!

Here at Gordon AC & Plumbing our drain cleaning experts in Monroe can clear any residential or commercial drain issue.
There are no shortage of items and materials that can obstruct your homes sewer drains and create a clog that needs clearing. From common household waste like grease, soap scum, & hair, to non-flushable items that find their way inside your homes plumbing system. Here at Gordon AC & Plumbing we can clear them all. Whether by snake or plunger or hydro-jetting machine we have the experience, equipment, & expertise necessary to remedy even the toughest clogs.

When it comes to common clogs, showers and tubs are amongst some of the most difficult to clean. This is mainly due to the lack of a clean-out access. As a result the drains must be cleared by snaked the drain itself. Hair & soap scum are the number one reason a shower or tub drain gets backed up. Over the counter products can provide short-term relief but are a poor remedy for a recurring issue. Here at Gordon’s we can thoroughly assess the cause of your tub or shower drain issue and provide you with safe & effective options for clearing the lines.

Far and away the most common drain problem we see occur in the kitchen. Grease & food waste slip past garbage disposals and cause build ups to occur in drain lines. When water stops flowing and kitchen sinks become backed up, clearing them quickly & cleanly is a must. Whether your home is built on a slab or over a crawl space we can provide you with a solution for clearing your kitchen.

When it comes to toilet stoppages the issue is typically localized. By that we mean that they are normally a direct result of an object getting flushed into the toilet that clogs up the pipe. Typically the easiest of all clogs to clear, toilets clogs can be effectively cleared with a number of different tools. Plungers, specialized snake devices, & augers are all effective options for clearing stubborn toilet clogs.

What You Get With Gordon

At Gordon AC & Plumbing we set ourselves apart from other local plumbing companies by offering the following: