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    Outdoor Plumbing Monroe, La

    Whether you have questions about a sewer line inspection, main water line, tree root issues, or are considering adding a new outdoor sink or spigot, we have you covered!

    The team of expert plumbers here at Gordon AC & Plumbing in Monroe are here to solve any problem by offering effecive and affordable solutions to your most common outdoor plumbing problems.

    Although there are some smaller outdoor plumbing issues that can be tackled by a handy homeowner, often times the help and guidance of a licensed plumbing professional is necessary to ensure certain outdoor plumbing issues are resolved correctly. So when a licensed plumbing expert is needed, Gordon AC & Plumbing is here to help, when you need service most. Give us a call to discuss our convenient scheduling options, affordable pricing, and fast & professional service.

    Outdoor Sink Installation & Repair

    There are various occasions in which an outdoor sink can add simplicity and convenience to your home. We typically install one of two types of sinks depending on how a homeowner depends on using them.

    BBQ Sinks/Wet Bars: When preparing food outside on the grill, a fresh water supply can go a long way to simplify the outdoor cooking experience. Having a new bbq sink installed in your backyard can add convenience on several levels. You can finally stop running inside to wash your hands everytime you touch a raw piece of meat. Plus you’ll have access to fresh water for drinks, dishes, and whatever else your meal prep demands.

    Garden Sinks: There are no shortage of ways we can design and layout an outdoor garden sink in your home. A good garden sink will function much like a utility sink, large enough for washing dirty hands and cleaning small to mid sized gardening tools. We can mount a garden sink seamlessly on the side of your home, or install a standalone unit.

    Outdoor Faucets

    Whether you want to water your garden, wash your car, or water your lawn, having a few perfectly located outdoor faucets is a must for your home. In an ideal situation the front and back yard will be equipped with 1-2 spigots. In the event that your home lacks a spigot in the front or back yard, or you have an improperly functioning or leaky faucet, we can help!

    Hose Bibs

    A spigot that extends out from the side of a home or building can be referred to as a hose bib. Hose bib’s are important as they allow the connection of hoses to your homes water supply. Given the fact that hose bibs are exposed to the elements year round, they can require replacement or repair more frequently than other than the plumbing elements inside your home.

    Typically, a hose bib will need replacement due to damage to the pipe that connects the fresh water supply to the spigot, or due to wear and tear over time that leads to a slow leak. Unlinke indoor leaks, outdoor plumbing leaks can go undetected or ignored as water runs off onto sidewalks and is evaporated by the sun. This can lead to the loss of thousands of gallons of water over a relatively short period of time.

    If you are in need of having a hose bib repaired or replaced in Monroe, West Monroe, or Bastrop, give us Gordon AC & Plumbing a call today. We are the local outdoor plumbing experts in the Ouachita Parish,

    Call us today at (318) 202-9144 to schedule an appointment for your outdoor plumbing project. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!
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