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Plumber fixing an hot-water heater

Here’s Why Only a Professional Should Install Your Water Heater

Water heaters are readily available at many hardware stores around Monroe, LA. However, just because you can easily purchase one doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to try to install it yourself. Consider these five reasons to have a professional plumber install your next water heater.

1. It’s Safer

Safety hazards pose one of the biggest risks associated with installing a new water heater. If you’re installing a gas furnace, there’s the risk of creating a dangerous leak. With an electric water heater, there’s the risk of electrical injury or fire.

Professional plumbers are trained and skilled in dealing with both electrical circuits and gas supplies. They can keep you and your home safe both during and after the installation.

2. You Can Avoid Damage to Your Home

Water heaters can be a bit tricky, especially when you’re putting the system in place. These units are heavy and can be difficult to maneuver into place, especially if you have to take them down any stairs.

Professionals have the equipment to move heavy pieces like a water heater. They also know how to maneuver these units into place without damaging the unit or anything in your home.

3. Professionals Comply With Permit and Code Regulations

You may not think it matters much if you pull the right permit or if your system is up to code. After all, if the appliance heats your water properly, does it really matter?

There are two reasons why permits and code compliance are actually a big deal. First, if your water heater isn’t installed according to code, you may invalidate your homeowner’s insurance. Should something catastrophic happen as a result of the new water heater, it would be a double loss without your insurance.

The second reason is protecting your ability to sell your home. If your unit isn’t up to code, that’ll come up in the presale inspection and may derail your sale.

4. You’ll Keep a Valid Warranty

Your unit’s warranty is just as important as your homeowner’s insurance. Just like insurance companies, manufacturers understand how much damage can be done to a unit without proper training. Therefore, trying to install the unit yourself may invalidate your manufacturer’s warranty.

5. Professionals Will Properly Remove Your Old Unit

Once your new unit is in place, there’s still the headache of removing the old unit. While you may be able to navigate getting it out of your home, what will you do with it from there?

When a professional plumber installs a new water heater, they take the old one with them, disposing of it properly. All you have to do is clear a path to and from the door so that the plumber can get in and out.

Get the best possible performance from your new water heater from the start. Call to schedule your water heater installation in Monroe, LA with the expert plumbers at Gordon Air & Plumbing.