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Cleaning Tips For Your Tough Bathroom Challenges

We all rely on our bathrooms as the place we go to get clean. But do you ever feel like that space can never get enough cleaning to counterbalance the things that it witnesses? There are some real cleaning challenges that every bathroom presents. But we are here to offer Monroe homeowners some tips and solutions that our professional plumbers know will get those nasty messes clean and eliminate the odors that germs and other residues can cause.

Not So Down And Out The Drain

The drains in your bathroom sink and tub see a lot of debris. From the loose hair and beard trimmings that find their way down the sink drain to the oily residue left behind by bath and beauty products, these drains can become clogged and stinky. And unless you are determined to clean out that gunk, you are going to be facing a flood of dirty water at some point. So don a pair of rubber gloves and get ready to restore the function of your bathroom drains.

First, remove the stopper from each drain and clean out all the hair, bits of soap, and toothpaste. If you cannot pull out additional pieces of gunk with your fingers or needle-nosed pliers, a drain snake is ideal for snagging and removing drain-blocking debris. Once all the blockage is removed, you can clean the drain with a good dose of peroxide to remove odor-causing bacteria.

If the drain has a thick coating of sticky residue and soap scum, pour a cup of baking soda down it, followed by a cup of vinegar. Let the bubbles scrub away the residue for about 15 minutes, then flush with hot water. This cleaning process can be repeated as needed to remove residue and any foul odors without concern of damage to the drain lines.

Cleaning The Commode

Your home’s toilets get very little respect for the grueling job that they do. But we are quick to blame them when there is an odor or clog issue. A good cleaning will usually eliminate any foul odors. Start with a disinfectant cleaner in the bowl and scrub the entire surface. Then grab an antibacterial wipe with bleach and start to clean the exterior. Begin with the handle and top of the tank and work your way to the floor.

This is the ideal time to inspect the base of the toilet and the floor around it for any leaks or signs of leaking. If you notice any staining or the floor feels soft around the base of the toilet, there is likely a leak. A toilet that rocks or moves slightly is also a sign of a leak under the commode that is a severe health and safety hazard.

If you discover any issues with your bathroom fixtures during this deep cleaning process, call (318) 202-9144 to schedule an appointment with the licensed plumbers at Gordon AC & Plumbing. We offer very reasonable repair rates and back our work with a full warranty.