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Tracking Down That Lingering Odor In Your Bathroom

Most homeowners in the Monroe area go to great lengths to eliminate odors in their home’s bathrooms. So it is very frustrating to discover that no amount of cleaning or air fresheners can handle that pungent and unpleasant odor that is constantly hanging in the space. Many people will try to eliminate or mask the odor with sprays, candles, or air fresheners, but the result is always a fragrance tainted by an awful smell. And the cause is typically centered around some issue with your toilet. Below are some of the common reasons that you cannot eliminate that foul smell.

Blocked Vent Pipes-  All drain systems have a vent pipe that allows air to enter the lines and keep the sewage flowing out of your home. The vent pipe is also the passage that removes the nasty sewer gas from the drains. So when that vent pipe gets damaged or blocked, the toxic gas begins to seep into your home. This is bad for your nose and your health. If you are constantly smelling sewer gas fumes, call a licensed plumber to investigate the vent pipe and correct any issues.

Loose Bolts Or A Broken Flange – All toilets should be securely fastened to the floor. However, if the mounting bolts or the flange has become loose or damaged, your toilet could feel slightly shaky. While this is a bit disconcerting, the real issue is that it could be allowing filthy water and sewage to be leaking under the toilet.

A critical wax ring under every toilet keeps the nasty liquid from escaping the drain line and contaminating your floor. However, if the bolts, flange, or wax ring fail or become damaged, that waste will leak out and be absorbed by your flooring and subfloor. And that is the reason you can constantly smell the odor of human waste. If you notice any movement of your home’s toilet, call a licensed plumber to make the necessary repairs before you face significant water damage and contamination to your home’s floors.

Damaged Or Missing Seal – When you look at the base of a toilet, there should be a smooth caulk bead between the toilet and the flooring. This seal prevents any urine from running down the outside of the bowl and under the toilet. If the caulk is damaged or missing, urine could contaminate the floor under the toilet and create that awful odor.

When you discover an issue with the caulk, it is best to remove the toilet to check for contamination and water damage in the subfloor before recaulking. Even if there is no moisture damage, be sure to clean the area with a disinfectant to eliminate the odor before reinstalling and sealing around the toilet’s base.

A Damaged Or Worn Toilet – Many homeowners are shocked to learn that toilet bowl cleaning could have also damaged it. The porcelain surface is not as durable as you might think when cleaning with bleach-based cleaners. While a splash of cleaner used to scrub and then rinsed away is fine, those tablets in the holding tank are not. Unfortunately, those tabs tend to release the majority of their bleach soon after hitting the tank water. And that concentrated bleach can sit inside the toilet bowl for many hours between flushes. In addition to cleaning, the bleach degrades the smooth surface inside the bowl, making cleaning even more difficult. Soon the finish is destroyed, and you are constantly smelling the waste residue on the damaged toilet bowl.

For professional help locating toilet leaks or issues, call (318) 202-9144. Our licensed plumbers will identify the problem and correct it quickly and cost-effectively.