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Tips on Using Your Smart Thermostat to Stay Cool For Less

Homes are getting smarter these days, and we should all take advantage of these new home advancements. Automation and connectivity really make a difference in regards to your air conditioning in Monroe, LA and the accompanying utility bills. When you upgrade to a smart thermostat through Gordon AC & Plumbing, use these tips to ensure you stay cool for less.

Set Home Temperature Based on Your Schedule

You don’t need to cool your home while you and your family are at work and school for the day. Set your smart thermostat so that the air conditioning activates right before you get home for the day. To get the best results and stay on top of the Lousiana heat, you should still use your air conditioning while you’re gone. However, you can have the temperature set much higher while people are out for the day.

Make Changes From Anywhere

Did your family leave for an impromptu day trip, but you forgot to raise the temperature on the thermostat before you left? No problem! You can access your system through an app on your phone and adjust the temperature from anywhere you have access to Wi-Fi or cell towers.

Your app will also make you aware when they notice red flags related to usage or other aspects regarding your cooling system with a notification, helping you stay on top of small issues before they become a large problem. You will get an alert on your phone, even if you aren’t near your house, and you can turn off the system in case of an emergency.

Monitor Useage

Use your app to monitor the temperature in your home in real-time and make changes if necessary, especially on a hot day when the kids are alone at home and may feel tempted to crank the air conditioning without permission.

You can also get reports to keep you up to date on usage from month to month so you can see if your habits may need adjusting. However, keep in mind that high usage may not necessarily mean you used your unit more but rather that your unit requires maintenance, repairs, or replacement. Drastic increases may indicate the need for a professional HVAC inspection.

Getting a Smart Thermostat in Monroe With Gordon AC & Plumbing

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