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4 Signs Your Business is Suffering From Plumbing Issues

Plumbing issues can occur at any time in any type of building and are known to escalate quickly. When you have your own business, it’s important to closely monitor and maintain your plumbing system to ensure any issues that develop are immediately repaired. If you think your business may have a few plumbing problems on your property in Monroe, LA, there are a few common signs to look for with the help of a plumber.

1. Water Stains on the Walls

Although many old and historic buildings in Monroe have brown streaks on the walls and ceilings, this is a cause for concern. If you notice this in your commercial building, it’s a sign that a leak has developed. The leak may be hiding in the ceilings or walls, which requires hiring a professional to perform leak detection. In severe cases, mildew and mold are likely present, which can threaten the health of your employees as they spend time in the building each day.

2. Slow Drainage

The water that you rinse down the drain when you wash your hands or rinse off dishes may take longer than normal to drain. This usually indicates clogs and blockages are present, which often develop due to debris and waste that accumulate over time. Hire a professional from a company like Gordon AC & Plumbing in Monroe to perform drain cleaning. We can quickly remove the blockages. This will immediately resolve the issue and will also increase the lifespan of your plumbing system.

3. Strange Odors

If there are issues with your plumbing system, you may smell strange odors and scents coming from your drains in the bathrooms or the break room. This type of issue is often caused by a blocked sewer vent stack and requires hiring a plumber. Our professional plumbers can fix the plumbing issue to prevent sewer gases from building up inside the building.

4. High Water Bills

Although it’s normal to have a high water bill if you have a team of people using the water in your commercial building daily, you may notice the usage has spiked more than normal. If you’re spending at least $100 more on your water bill each month, it indicates leaks may be present in the building. Leaks can waste a significant amount of water and can lead to water damage if they’re neglected. Our plumbers can investigate the issue and determine the source of the problem.

Feel free to contact our team at Gordon AC & Plumbing in Monroe, LA today to learn the signs that indicate your business has plumbing problems. Our team is here to assist you and can provide you with our services to restore the quality of your plumbing system.