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3 Easy Tips for Keeping Your Cooling Costs in Check

When the temperature starts to rise during spring and summer, the temptation to keep your AC cranked up 24/7 can be strong. After all, it can get very hot and muggy in the Monroe, LA area, and oftentimes, the only way to stay comfortable at home is to have the cool air flowing. However, running the air conditioning isn’t free. If you keep your cooling unit circulating air all day long, the energy usage is going to add up to quite a bit of money over several months. But, the good news is that there are simple steps you can take to keep those cooling bills in check.

1. Install a Smart Thermostat

It’s easy to unintentionally let your air conditioner run more often than what’s necessary. For example, you might accidentally leave the cool air circulating when you leave for work or go to sleep. Over an entire summer, those extra hours will add up to a lot of electricity used and a lot of wear on your appliance. If you install a smart thermostat, it will help you ensure that your cooling system is only operating when it needs to be. You can program it to only run when it’s needed, and it will even learn your personal habits over time and adjust your home’s climate accordingly.

2. Schedule an AC Tune-Up

Perhaps the biggest key to keeping your cooling costs in check is keeping your AC unit running efficiently. One of the most effective ways to do so is to schedule professional AC maintenance. You should invest in this service at least once each year; doing so will have a major impact on your air conditioner’s efficiency, health, and performance. During the tune-up, our cooling technicians will clean all of the dirt, dust, and other gunk out of your air conditioner, which will allow it to circulate air more easily. Plus, they’ll look for anything that could be hampering the appliance and do whatever they can to remedy it.

3. Seal Your Air Leaks

If your home is riddled with air leaks, it makes it far more difficult for your cooling system to do its job. As it circulates conditioned air around the house, much of it will inevitably escape through those leaks. As a result, the AC unit will need to compensate for that loss, burning through more energy in the process. Before the hot Louisiana summer arrives, search the edges of your home’s windows and doorways for any air leaks. If you find any, you can use weather stripping and caulking from the hardware store to seal them thoroughly.

Cooling Professionals You Can Count On

Keeping your cooling costs low is all about creating a healthy environment for your air conditioner and maintaining proactive habits. If you keep your AC unit in a situation that encourages energy efficiency, your monthly cooling bills should be entirely reasonable. When you need cooling maintenance, repairs, or installation in the Monroe area, you’ll always get high-quality work from our expert team at Gordon AC & Plumbing. Give us a call now to schedule an appointment or learn more about our services!