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Three Reasons To Schedule Your AC Tune-Up Today

Like most features in your home, it can be easy to forget about routine care and maintenance when everything is functioning correctly. And when you think about your air conditioner, that is undoubtedly true. You don’t really think about it until that afternoon when you come home and find it uncomfortably hot in your house. But at that point, it is too late. There is a problem that is going to require the help of an HVAC expert. But that annoying event can easily be avoided when you call and schedule your AC tune-up today. Don’t put it off and let it become another forgotten task on your to-do list. Call today and enjoy all of the benefits that you know are very valuable, like:

Small Issues Means Same Repair Bills

Every piece of equipment in your home needs a little bit of attention from time to time. And when you schedule an AC tune-up, your HVAC pro will evaluate all of the system’s components and ensure that everything is in perfect working order. However, if a few minor items show some wear and tear, your tech will let you know. And provide you with a cost to fix the small problems now and avoid a huge bill and days without AC in the future.

Preventative maintenance is the best way to manage small issues and not let them stack up to become a massive repair expense. Think of your car going in for a tune-up. If the mechanic tells you that the fan belt is worn, you have the opportunity to replace it before you get stranded on the side of the road. You also have the peace of mind of knowing that the broken belt will not damage the hoses or wrap around other parts and cause even more damage. The same is true of your air conditioner. Fix the small part that is wearing out before it breaks and causes even more costly damage.

Peak Performance Is Cost-Effective

When your car is turned-up, it gets better gas mileage. When your AC is tuned-up, you remain more comfortable in your home, and your electric bill remains more manageable. Investing an hour of an HVAC pros time in cleaning and checking out your AC components is the best way to keep the entire unit operating at peak output and energy-efficiency. It saves you money now, and it ensures the longevity of your AC. 

You Know What To Expect

There is only so much that your AC tech can do to keep an older unit functional. And there will come a day when your air conditioner needs to be replaced. If you have not been keeping up with regular tune-up inspections, you have no idea when that dreaded and hot day will arrive. But when you have your AC pro inspect the unit each year, you are given some input each season about the system’s overall condition and health. 

As you might imagine, a new AC unit is not cheap. So you will likely want to budget for this big-ticket purchase. And you will also want to be able to schedule the installation when it is not scorching outside, and you are stuck with no AC. You might even find that you get a better deal on the new unit when you have it installed in the offseason when labor is more affordable. And you can schedule at your leisure. No one ever wants to think about the cost of a new air conditioner. But it is undoubtedly better to plan for the event than to wake up one day in a pool of sweat because your AC failed.

To schedule your AC tune-up call (318) 202-9144. And know that the pros at Gordon AC & Plumbing will get your air conditioner ready to go for the heat of summer as cost-effectively as possible.