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Prepare your ac for spring

How To Prepare Your AC For Spring

Spring is a hectic time of year for most households. So it is easy to understand how you can forget about getting your AC ready for the coming hot weather. But understandable or not, that will be of little comfort when your home is sweltering, and your air conditioner is not working correctly. So plan early for a little bit of spring cleaning, AC maintenance, and a visit from your trusted air conditioning pros. This little bit of attention and investment from you is the best way to ensure that you will be basking in cool air throughout the hot summer months.

Replace Air Filters

The air filters in your HVAC system have a critical job. They filter dirt, dust, and particles out of the air, but you probably don’t know why this is a vital job. The air filters’ real purpose is to remove the contaminants before they enter your AC unit and damage the components.

And because of the nature of their job, these filters will become clogged and covered with dust and dirt, making them less efficient. When they become entirely caked with dirt, they limit the airflow into your air conditioner. The limited airflow overworks the unit and results in higher utility bills and excessive wear and tear to your AC. So replace the units as needed throughout the year, but be sure to inspect and replace them in the spring before you fire up your air conditioner for the season.

Everything Needs Spring Cleaning

After a long winter and no use, your AC is ready for spring cleaning. Start with the vents and air returns inside your home. If you have not had the ducts cleaned in more than a few years, spring is also a great time to have all of that dust removed for optimal flow of your nice cool air. And finally, spray off the coils of your outside condenser to ensure proper function.

Call In The Pros For A Tune-Up

The thought of an AC tune-up might sound odd at first. But think about the reasons that you take your car in for a tune-up. You want it to be running at peak fuel-efficiency, you want to be able to depend on it to get you where you need to go, and you want to avoid costly repair bills. And a tune-up for your air conditioner offers many of the same benefits.

First, you want to have your AC unit running at its peak to provide you with all the cooling you need over the summer. And you also want that cool air as affordably as possible. A tune-up is an investment that rewards you with lower utility bills for your summer cooling. It is a small investment that offers a great ROI.

Dependability is crucial when you think of all those hot summer days and nights. Knowing that your AC is ready to function all summer is essential. And the only way to know that it is in peak shape is a professional once over from your trusted HVAC professional. This inspection is when a tech spots a tiny leak or worn part that could fail and cause your AC to fail you this summer. But instead, the piece is replaced, or the issue is corrected before the season starts. And you have peace of mind and cool air all summer.

Finally, you made a significant investment in your air conditioner, and you want to protect it. Without proper care and maintenance, you are substantially shortening the life expectancy of your very expensive air conditioning system. A single worn part can degrade other components very quickly. But by scheduling a spring tune-up, you know that all the tiny issues were corrected before creating a more extensive and more costly problem. To schedule your spring AC tune-up with the pros at Gordon AC & Plumbing, call (318) 202-9144 today.