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4 Things That Are Causing Your HVAC Issues

Having a functional HVAC system is critical for your comfort. But being functional is only half of what you expect from the unit. You also want it to do its job in an energy-efficient manner so that it is cost-effective to use. When you notice that your home is not being heated or cooled as well as it once was, or that the operating costs are increasing, one of the four following things could be to blame.


One of the most common reasons for a diminished performance from your home’s HVAC system is dirt buildup. Excess dirt inside the components will result in less warm or cool air, as well as uneven heating and cooling. The best indication that your problems are dirt related is a drop in your indoor air quality. You could be having more respiratory issues, allergy or asthma symptoms, or coughing more than usual.  

The first place to check is the air filter or filters for your HVAC system. The dirt and dust buildup will be easy to see. These filters should be changed at least every three months. But many homeowners choose to inspect them on the first of each month and replace them as needed. For ductwork cleaning, coil disinfecting, and other component cleanings, call (318) 202-9144 to schedule an appointment for a professional cleaning service from a Gordon AC & Plumbing pro.


Like any mechanical device, your home’s HVAC system needs regular care. Think of it as you would changing the oil in your car. That small investment will keep your car functioning for years. But if you never change the oil, the motor will wear out in just a year or two. The same is true with your HVAC system. All of the moving parts need cleaning and routine maintenance to avoid issues, expensive repairs, and premature failure. Ideally, you should schedule regular inspection and service with the team at Gordon AC & Plumbing in the spring and fall to ensure the entire system’s function.


Nothing lasts forever. And even with proper care and maintenance, your HVAC system should last between 15 and 20 years. With religious service and air filter replacement, you could see a few years more. But the energy efficiency will drop over time. To learn more about replacing your existing HVAC system with a new, more efficient unit, call (318) 202-9144 for a free no-obligation price quote.


When you are considering a new HVAC system installation, remember, you get what you pay for in this case. Saving a few dollars on this essential piece of equipment is not always the best choice. The function of the system and the warranty value are only as reliable as the company that does the work and provides the warranty service.

At Gordon AC & Plumbing, we have been installing complete HVAC systems for your friends and neighbors for years. And that work is performed by skilled technicians with the training and expertise to do the job correctly. We work with all major HVAC manufacturers to ensure that we know and follow their best practice installation processes and standards. This is the only way to ensure our customers that their new HVAC system will function correctly. And it is the only way that the manufacturer will stand behind the factory warranty on the equipment.

Common Issues Due To Poor Installation

If you have an HVAC system that was incorrectly installed, you will likely experience the following issues:

  • Electrical short circuits
  • Lack of comfort due to improper sizing of the units- less than reputable companies will sell you a unit that they know is too small for your home because it is cheaper than the correct size. And it wins them the job. There is no cost-effective fix for this dishonest act.
  • Uneven heating often occurs when the ductwork is not installed correctly. Leaks in the ducts or insufficient ductwork will result in cold spots or hot spots in your home.

When you begin to notice that the level of comfort in your home is declining, it is time to call in the pros to determine what is causing the problem. Restoring your temperature comfort could be as simple as a good HVAC system cleaning. But regardless of the cause, you will know that you can trust the work and the warranty from Gordon AC & Plumbing. Call us at (318) 202-9144 for honest answers and fair pricing.