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4 Things Every Homeowner Needs To Know About HVAC Systems

Almost every house in the country has a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. And this HVAC system, as it is often called, is responsible for keeping your home at a comfortable and safe temperature in both the summer and winter. The three basic types of systems include:

  1. A Standard Split System – These units have components both inside and outside your home. The interior portion is typically located in an attic or closet. These are the most common HVAC systems in the United States.
  2. Ductless Split Systems – These systems have an external component to treat air but do not require air ducts. These are usually placed in a single room or an isolated addition to a house.
  3. Packaged Systems – These HVAC systems have all of the major components located in one place inside your home. These are often found in homes with basements to house all of the mechanicals.

While each of these systems differs in several ways, they all have one key piece in common. They all require regular maintenance to operate correctly. And knowing what that maintenance includes can be a challenge. Here are four pieces of information that will help eliminate your stress regarding HVAC maintenance and how to get the most out of your system’s heating and cooling features.

  • HVAC SYSTEMS PROVIDE WARNING BEFORE MOST MALFUNCTIONS – It is essential to be observant when it comes to your HVAC system. Between regular maintenance and service, you should be aware of any odd odor or sound coming from the unit, any sudden increase in the cycling of the unit, or a change in your home’s comfort level. All of these are hints from your HVAC that there is trouble coming. And if you call in a professional quickly, you can avoid living in a home that is too hot or cold, and a substantial repair bill. At the first sign of trouble, call (318) 202-9144 to schedule an appointment with an Gordon AC & Plumbing repair specialist.
  • HVAC SYSTEMS NEED REGULAR MAINTENANCE – Many moving parts must work in harmony to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. So just like your vehicle, it is crucial that you maintain a regular maintenance schedule. This schedule should include two visits each year from the pros at Gordon AC & Plumbing as well as monthly air filter changes. These small investments are like insurance policies that will substantially increase the life of the expensive components that keep your home comfortable year-round.
  • AIR CONDITIONERS SHOULD NOT LEAK – Many homeowners think that it is normal for an AC unit to leak from time to time. But that is never a good sign. There are drainpipes that evacuate condensation, which is acceptable. But if your air conditioner itself is leaking, there is a problem that will require immediate attention. Not only will the leak impede the function of your AC unit, but it could also be toxic to pets and the environment, and should be corrected immediately. Call (318) 202-9144 to schedule an appointment with a repair specialist from Gordon AC & Plumbing.
  • MANY AC ISSUES ARE DUE TO AN ELECTRICAL PROBLEM – Some of the most common reasons for an air conditioner to fail are a blown fuse, tripped breaker, or blown capacitor. And the excellent news for you is that all of these can easily be corrected. And the repair bill is going to be very reasonable.

No one wants to spend even a few days in a house that is too hot or too cold. So make the commitment to investing just a little bit of time and money in your HVAC system regularly. A professional inspection and service in the spring and again in the fall will help avoid an uncomfortable few days and a large repair bill. And then, all you need to remember to do is change the air filter on the first of each month and call (318) 202-9144 if you notice anything unusual about your system.

A properly maintained HVAC system will serve your home well for decades and will be much more economical to operate. And you know that you can trust the professionals at Gordon AC & Plumbing to do the job for you in a professional manner and as cost-effectively as possible. We have been working in the community for years. And we are known as the go-to HVAC company to call for reliable service and maintenance.