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What To Do When You Discover A Burst Pipe

Most homeowners never give a thought to what is inside the walls of their home, until tragedy strikes. But from the moment that you notice moisture dripping from a ceiling or a wall, you worry about the pipes that are leaking somewhere out of sight. Sadly, because all of these water lines are neatly hidden, you never have any warning about the impending disaster. The only thing that you can do is act quickly when one of these pipes bursts to limit the extent of the damage to your home.

And in this case, acting quickly means picking up the phone and calling (318) 202-9144 to schedule an emergency appointment with a Gordon AC & Plumbing licensed plumber. A burst pipe somewhere hidden inside your home is not a challenge that should ever be seen as an opportunity for a thrifty DIY repair. You could end up knocking countless holes in your drywall or ripping out hundreds of square feet of flooring before ever locating the offending leak. This is because water can run along pipes a considerable distance before ever becoming visible on drywall or forming a puddle on the floor. Only a plumber who is trained in leak detection will be able to locate the source of the water leak without causing unnecessary damage inside your home.

What Causes A Pipe To Burst

All plumbing pipes are rated to withstand a specific amount of pressure from the liquid that is traveling through it. But when the pressure inside the pipe exceeds that limit, the pipe bursts. The most common cause of increased pressure inside a pipe is an obstruction or blockage of the pipe. This restricts the flow of the liquid inside the pipe and increases the pressure of the fluid on the pipe. Frequently, the blockage is attributed to dirt, corrosion, rust, or even frozen liquid that has gathered in the pipe. But regardless of the material, the blockage restricts the flow inside the pipe, and that significantly increases the pressure exerted by the liquid. Eventually, the pipe’s pressure rating is exceeded, and you are left with a leak from a burst pipe.

Steps To Take When A Pipe Bursts In Your Home

The first thing that you need to do when you discover a burst pipe is to turn off the water to your home. Next, open the cold water faucets and taps in your home. This will drop the water pressure in all of the pipes. And it will drain the water from the entire house so that it does not flow toward the damaged pipe and continue to leak.

Next, shut off your water heater and begin to drain your hot water lines by opening hot water faucets and taps. With all of the lines drained, you should not have any more water flowing from the burst pipe. Now is a good time to call (318) 202-9144 to schedule your emergency service call from Gordon AC & Plumbing. Then all you can do is begin to wipe up any water that has leaked out to minimize the water damage to your home and prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Hold off on any serious clean up as there could be a bit more mess created during the repair process.

While you are waiting for your Gordon AC & Plumbing licensed plumber to arrive, inspect any furniture, electronics, or other items that are in the general vicinity of the leak. Look for any signs of moisture or water damage. If there is extensive damage, document everything with detailed photos that you might need to submit to your insurance company for a property damage claim. You will want to make sure that anything that has gotten wet is dried out as quickly as possible to avoid further complications with mildew and toxic black mold growth. Be especially careful when handling any electronics that are plugged in and could cause an electric shock.

Help Has Arrived!

Once your plumber arrives, you will know very quickly where the burst pipe is located and, in most cases, why it burst. Plumbers use special leak detection equipment that amplifies the sound of leaking water to pinpoint leaks. These tools help to avoid costly damage to your home when searching for the burst pipe.

With the leak located, our plumber will provide you with a complete cost estimate for the repairs to the burst pipe and any other work that is necessary to restore your home’s water supply. In almost every case, your water will be restored to your entire home by the end of this first visit by a Gordon AC & Plumbing professional.

When you discover a water leak in your home due to a burst pipe, the most important thing to remember is to remain calm. Turning off the water is critical to limiting the amount of water damage to your home. Then calling the pros you can trust at (318) 202-9144 is your next task. After that, let our team take over, locate the problem, and get it fixed for you quickly and cost-effectively.