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To Flush Or Not To Flush – That Is The Question

Most homeowners never thought that they would see a toilet paper shortage. But thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, that is precisely what is happening across the country. Many stores have nothing to stock the TP aisle. And those that do have some toilet paper in stock are limiting shoppers to a single package. So that everyone has a chance to buy some. And while many consumers are not too upset and are turning to other paper products, they are not well informed about what makes toilet paper so unique.

Not A Complete Substitute

Paper towels, baby wipes, napkins, and even disinfectant wipes are all being called in to take over the critical job that TP usually does in households across the country. However, the licensed plumbers at Gordon AC & Plumbing want homeowners to know that there is one significant difference between TP and other paper products. Toilet paper is the only substance that should ever be flushed down a toilet. Other paper products do not break down like TP. Instead, they remain in a single, large piece and create nasty wads like those that are clogging drain and sewer lines from coast to coast.

Plumbing companies and municipal wastewater treatment plants are reporting a record number of clog issues in residential and city sewer lines. Homeowners are facing disgusting sewage backups in their homes. And with cleaning products also in high demand right now, it can be challenging to clean up this type of contamination properly. On a larger scale, clogged city sewers are creating backups and overflows at wastewater treatment facilities. That means that waste is spilling into lakes, rivers, the ocean, and other public areas, creating severe health and environmental issues.

Something Is Better Than Nothing

Homeowners need to realize that during these difficult times, we are all forced to make some difficult choices and change parts of our daily routine. In the case of a limited supply of toilet paper, the question you need to answer is flush or don’t flush that TP substitute. And in all cases, the answer is NO, do not flush it. Instead, create a trash receptacle with a lid to contain these waste papers temporarily. Then make a daily trip to your outside trashcan or dumpster.

Too Little, Too Late

If you are reading this information after flushing paper towels or other paper products for a week or two, you need to act quickly. A call to (318) 202-9144 to schedule a professional drain cleaning is the best way to avoid a nasty and possibly costly sewage flood in your home. Don’t be tempted to compound the issue by dumping a harsh chemical drain cleaner into your drain pipes. These products are a combination of acid and other caustic materials that will melt plastic pipes and eat holes in metal pipes long before they successfully remove a paper clog.

Drain Cleaning Pro Style

When you call Gordon AC & Plumbing for a professional drain cleaning, there is never any use of toxic chemicals that could damage your pipes and create caustic fumes in your home. Our process uses nothing but high-pressure pure water to destroy the clog and wash it away. Also, the water jet removes any nasty residue that is stuck to the walls of the pipes and could become the beginning of a new clog. And an added benefit is that the residue removal eliminated those nasty odors that you sometimes notice coming from the drains in your home.

A Word About The Current Health Concerns

At Gordon AC & Plumbing, our primary concern has always been for the safety and well-being of our customers and team members. With that priority in mind, we have provided our team with added safety gear and cleaning supplies. They are cleaning tools and disinfecting them after each use to reduce the possibility of contamination. And we are also practicing social distancing when working in your home to minimize any risk to you and your loved ones.

When you notice a slow clearing drain or a toilet that does not flush correctly, don’t take matters into your own hands and try a jug of chemical drain cleaner. Even if you think your drains are ok, but you have been flushing wipes or paper towels, be proactive to avoid the possibility of a colossal mess and contamination due to a sewage backup in your home. Call (318) 202-9144 for a professional drain cleaning.