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Tankless hot water heater installed in a basement utility room to save money and energy.

Tankless Water Heater: Reasons to Install One for a More Efficient Year

Unlike conventional heaters, which wait until water fills their tanks before they can increase the temperature, tankless water heaters can warm between two and five gallons in just one minute. These appliances rely on a gas burner or electric coils to heat water. They do not have a water storage tank. Instead, they are equipped with an internal computer that detects when hot water is needed. This makes a tankless water heater a worthwhile investment, especially for a homeowner looking to make their homes more efficient this new year.

Here are some reasons you should consider installing a tankless water heater.

1. Improves Energy Efficiency

One of the reasons why tankless water heaters are popular is that they help improve the energy efficiency of a home. And they do this by only operating when a home is in need of hot water. Unlike conventional water heaters, these models do not hold water in a tank.

By only providing hot water when needed, a tankless water heater can significantly reduce your energy bill. Most tankless water heater models are equipped with a panel that makes it possible to adjust the heater settings so you can monitor how much energy is used to heat the water.

2. Durable and a Fairly Low-Maintenance Appliance

A tank heater is more prone to damage than a tankless water heater. However, this is not the only reason why you should invest in a tankless water heater for a more efficient year. Turns out that tank heaters are also not as durable as their tankless counterparts.

To be precise, tank heaters typically serve homes for around a decade. Tankless water heaters, on the other hand, can last up to two decades and require low maintenance. A longer lifespan and lower maintenance needs add to the cost savings that tankless water heaters can bring to your home.

3. Incredibly Convenient

No one wants to be inconvenienced at all when the new year starts. That is why the need to invest in a tankless water heater cannot be emphasized enough. To begin with, tankless water heaters do not take up much space. This means they will not be crammed in basements, laundry rooms, or remote home areas.

They are less bulky and can fit virtually anywhere, which gives you several options when it comes to installing them. You can have them set up next to water fixtures or install them against the wall so they are out of the way.

In conclusion, a tankless water heater is a nice purchase for anyone looking to have a more efficient year. Although the cost of installing them may be a bit high, tankless water heaters are durable and greatly boost energy efficiency. If you want to know about tankless water heat installation, contact Gordon AC & Plumbing from Monroe, LA, today.