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3 Tips to Lower Your Heating Costs This Winter

When the chilly winter arrives in the Monroe, LA area, you’ll likely be tempted to crank up the heater in your home much more often. Of course, it’s important to keep your household comfortable, but having the heat on all the time can quickly become expensive. Fortunately, there are several simple measures you can take to reduce your heating costs without sacrificing your comfort.

1. Schedule a Furnace Tune-up

If you’re going to be relying on your furnace regularly this winter, then it’s crucial that the appliance is running efficiently. One of the best ways to achieve this is by scheduling professional maintenance.

When you hire our team at Gordon AC & Plumbing for a heating tune-up, we’ll thoroughly clean your furnace and give the system a complete inspection. We’ll search for anything that may be impacting the unit’s ability to operate smoothly and efficiently.

If we find any issues or concerning warning signs, we’ll nip them in the bud before they become more serious. As a result of this service, your furnace will require much less energy to do its job this winter, and your comfort will be improved as well.

2. Clean Your Air Vents

Any air that your heating system circulates must pass through your air vents before it can warm you and your family. However, dust, dirt, and other contaminants can build up inside those vents over time.

Eventually, if enough contaminants accumulate, they can start to obstruct your HVAC system’s airflow. That will not only worsen the unit’s energy efficiency, but it will also impact your comfort and increase the risk of mechanical failure.

Before winter arrives, you should visit all of the vents around your house and clean them. After removing each cover panel with a screwdriver, you can clean the interior with a vacuum cleaner’s extension hose.

3. Utilize Your Curtains

If you use your curtains wisely, they can be a great tool for saving energy this winter. When you close your curtains, it can go a long way toward keeping warm air trapped inside your home. So, if you close all of them at night, it will help keep your home warm without relying as heavily on your furnace.

If you open some of those curtains during the day, on the other hand, it can allow warmth from the sunshine to fill up your home. Either way, you’re giving your heating system some rest and conserving energy. Over an entire winter, doing this consistently can make a significant difference in your total heating costs.

Avoid Overworking Your Heating System

All of these tips will help you save money on your heating costs this winter. However, these aren’t the only measures you can take. Ultimately, any method you can find to give your home’s heating system regular breaks will make a big difference. Doing so will not only save energy, but it will also keep the appliance efficient and help it stay healthy for the long haul. If you need heating repairs, maintenance, or installation in the greater Monroe area, give us a call at Gordon AC & Plumbing.