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Signs Of Water Leaks You Should Look For

Some plumbing problems and leaks are very obvious. You see a puddle of water on the floor, or you have no hot water. But other issues, especially concealed or hidden leaks, can be more elusive. These are the leaks that occur inside the walls, ceilings, or floors of your home. And they can also be under the concrete foundation of a slab home. But unless they are quickly located and repaired, they can create a massive amount of water damage. And promote mold and mildew contamination that will create severe health issues. So every homeowner must understand the subtle signs of a hidden water leak.

Increased Water Bill

In most households, the water bill is a reasonably consistent expense. It could fluctuate a bit in the summer or winter. But you know the approximate cost each month. So when you get a water bill that has suddenly increased a significant amount, you should see a red flag. In rare cases, the increase is an error in billing, but most spiking water bills signal a large water leak.

Water Meter Is Always Moving

All water meters have a small motion indicator to show when water is flowing through them. Most are a little red triangle that turns. This is to allow you to see even a small amount of water movement. To check for a water leak in your home, turn off everything that uses water. Inspect the meter to see that it is not turning at all; even a slight bit of motion means that water is flowing somewhere, and you need to locate that leak.

Mold And Mildew

Even a tiny water leak will create moisture on or in carpet, walls, and ceilings. And these damp areas are the perfect habitat for mold and mildew growth. If you see mold or discover an odd musty odor in your home, begin looking for mold and mildew that are tell-tale signs of a water leak.

Foundation Cracks

As a home settles, it is not unusual to see small foundation cracks appear. But if you discover that a significant number of cracks appear quickly, or the cracks are of a substantial size, there is a good chance you have a slab leak or leak near your home’s foundation. Water will undermine the soil and base layers that are supporting the foundation. And as that material washes away, the foundation begins to crack from the stress of the unsupported weight.

Wet Spots

If you see an unexplained wet area or sign of moisture, it is time to take a closer look. Moisture damage to walls and ceilings can appear as grey or yellow spots. And they could dry quickly depending on the temperature in the room. Any time you discover unexplained moisture, it is worth investigating to be sure that there is no water leak in the area.

When you find any of these signs of a water leak in or under your home, it is essential to take action quickly. Never assume that it is not worth checking out. Over time, even a small leak can create tens of thousands of dollars in water damage. And it only takes a few days of moisture for mold and mildew to begin to grow. Once invaded by mold and mildew spores, you and your loved ones could start to suffer from unexplained breathing and respiratory illnesses. However, all these concerns can be avoided by calling (318) 202-9144 at the first hint of a water leak. A Gordon AC & Plumbing licensed plumber will arrive quickly to locate and repair any water leaks in your home.