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5 Signs Its Time For A New Furnace

Nothing is more concerning than furnace issues in the wintertime. There is no way to get around having heat in your home. But you can eliminate this ultra-stressful event from your future by paying attention to indications that your furnace is reaching the end of its life expectancy. Then you can manage the situation to control when you are making this significant investment in your home. The following five items are indications that a new furnace will soon be needed.

  1. Old Age Catches Up To Everything- The average residential furnace will last anywhere from 20-30 years. That number varies based on the amount of use the unit sees and the amount of maintenance it receives. But two to three decades is a safe estimate. If your furnace has not has had regular annual inspections and service, begin planning for its replacement at about 15 years old. It might have a few years left, but you are not likely to see 25 or 30 years of service from a poorly maintained furnace.
  2. Operating Costs Are Skyrocketing- When you see your heating bill increase, either natural gas or electricity, it is an indication that your furnace is not functioning efficiently. This is one of the first signs that it is about to fail. The other aspect of your operating costs is the repair bills when the unit does fail. As those two costs increase, you need to evaluate the mounting operating expenses and repairs to determine when it is better to invest in a new furnace.  
  3. Uneven Heating- When the rooms in your home are not maintained at the same comfortable temperature, you have an issue. The most common problem is that the furnace is not creating enough warm air to maintain your entire home properly.
  4. Dirty Registers- Your furnace registers are the vents at the ductwork ends that distribute the warm air to the various rooms in your home. When you begin to notice soot on the registers, it is a sign that the furnace has too much carbon dioxide. As the unit ages, it gets dirty. The carbon builds up inside the furnace and begins to get distributed around your home. The result can be itchy red eyes, a sore throat, and very poor air quality.
  5. Loud Noises- There are always sounds coming from a piece of machinery as it is operating. But when you notice new or overly loud noises from your furnace, it can be a sign of bad things to come. Rattling indicates loose ductwork, sheet metal, or even the motor. Popping occurs when components are rapidly heating and cooling during an operating cycle. Humming is a sign that the fan or the furnace blower motor is going to require replacement soon. And screeching or squealing lets you know that the blower motor or inducer is in bad shape or that there is a belt or pulley issue.

There is no substitute for regular maintenance for your furnace. And when you know that it has not had the best care, you need to understand that odd sounds or occurrences are warning you of an impending failure. Discovering any of these five issues in the fall means that you need to expedite your search for a new furnace. However, hearing them in the spring is also a warning to address the issue over the summer when you are not rushed to restore your home’s heat. At the first sign of any of these issues, call (318) 202-9144 to speak to the HVAC experts at Gordon AC & Plumbing about a furnace repair or replacement.