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Now What’s Clogging The Toilet?

One of the worst events you can experience in your bathroom is watching the water rise inside your toilet bowl. You flushed the toilet, but instead of everything magically disappearing, the water starts to creep toward the top of the bowl. And even if you jiggle the handle a few times and grab for the plunger, it might be too late. But what you needed to do was avoid this entire catastrophe by knowing a few common causes of toilet clogs and how to avoid them.

What Is Flushable?

The answer is not anything that fits into the toilet. But that is what happens in some households. And that is why they are on a first-name basis with their plumber, who is out about once a month to remove a nasty toilet clog. The honest answer to the question is simple. Only human waste and toilet paper should ever find their way into a toilet bowl. This means that you should never flush feminine hygiene items, dental floss, loose hair, cotton balls, Band-Aids, cotton swabs, socks, small toys, or bad report cards.

Some Imposters

Toilet paper is an extraordinary and valuable modern miracle. It does the job we ask of it, but then it virtually disintegrates moments after hitting the water. And that is why it does not end up in massive wads clogging your drain and sewer lines. And one more fact. There is no substitute for TP. Paper towels, napkins, tissues, and even so-called flushable wipes are not going to dissolve like your trusty TP. And that will lead to some severe clogs and you sprinting for the plunger. Keep all other paper products out of the toilet to avoid messy clogs.

What Is A Toilet Trap?

You might not know that all of the drain lines in your home have a U-shaped trap, and the toilet is no exception. This trap holds enough water to stop any sewer line gas or other unwanted aromas from coming back into your home. The downside to the aroma blocker is that everything needs to wash through this slight detour before heading to your home’s sewer line. And U-turn can be tricky when you are flushing a softball-sized wad of toilet paper. Use a small amount of TP, and if it does not get the job done, then flush and try again.

How Can A Vacuum Clog My Toilet?

All plumbing systems have a vent or standpipe that allows air into the drains. This airflow prevents a vacuum from being created. It works kind of like pouring soda from a bottle. If the bottle is on its side, the soda flows out smoothly while air flows back into the bottle. But if you get impatient and upend the bottle, the soda only flows out in small bursts. Then the air glugs into the bottle. If the standpipe on your drain system gets damaged or clogged, you could have a drain flow issue that creates clogs. If you notice slow clearing drains and toilets that gulp rather than flush smoothly, check the vent pipe on your roof or have your plumber check it out.

Some TLC

Everything needs some care and cleaning from time to time. And your toilet drain is no exception. A professional drain cleaning is the only way to remove all the gunk and sticky residue inside all the drain lines in your home. And once that mess is gone, your toilets will flush like a champ. Call (318) 202-9144 to schedule a professional drain cleaning or clog removal with the licensed pros at Gordon AC & Plumbing.