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How To Prevent Costly Slab Leak Repairs

There are many issues around your home that you can avoid with just a bit of planning and a few proactive steps. And when the potential problem is as severe as a water leak under your house, being proactive is a very wise investment. Not only can a water leak create thousands of dollars in water damage, but it can also promote the growth of toxic black mold. Even a tiny leak could be responsible for unexplained health issues you and your loved ones are suffering. And this is made worse by the fact that you could have avoided the entire event with just a few simple tasks.

Hidden Leaks

Many homeowners believe that if there are no puddles of water visible, then there cannot be a significant water leak in their home. But that is far from correct. Many leaks are hidden deep in the walls and floors of a home. And the water remains contained inside the house’s structure until it saturates all of the building materials. At that point, you begin to see seeping water and puddles. But the damage is already done. The water has destroyed the support structure of your home and possibly even the concrete foundation.

Slab Leaks Are The Worst

If your home is built on a concrete slab foundation rather than a basement, you could experience a slab leak. When your home was built, the water lines were placed before the concrete foundation was poured. Then the concrete is installed to cover the pipes, except where they turn upwards and run through the concrete. If any of these pipes running under the foundation become damaged, the result is a slab leak. The leak is under a massive pad of concrete. It can be challenging to determine if there is a leak and where it is located, making slab leaks extremely hazardous.

Prevention Is Your Best Option

Your local licensed plumber is your greatest ally when it comes to preventing costly slab leaks. Regular plumbing inspections and service are the secrets to ensuring that you never face a problem with water bubbling up through your floors or undermining your home’s concrete foundation.

  • Proper installation of plumbing lines and fixtures is essential. When building a new home, only rely on the services of a reputable and licensed plumber. An industry-standard installation practice is the first step in eliminating slab leaks.
  • If you have purchased a slab home, a professional plumbing inspection is a must. It will ensure that there are no current leaks. It is also essential to monitor the water pressure in your home and the service line. Water pressure can fluctuate both up and down. If the pressure from your supplier were to increase, that could exceed the safe pressure inside your water lines. Without installing a pressure regulator, you could experience many slab leaks as the pipes fail. A plumbing inspection can prevent any pressure-related issues with a fast solution to the problem.
  • Knowing the signs of slab leaks is essential. You won’t have a plumber inspect your home every month, but you can. Look for common indications like moist soil around your home’s foundation, moisture on the floor, a change in the temperature of a small segment of your floor, or a change in your water pressure. All of these are reasons to call in a pro to check for a slab leak.

If you think that you might have a leak, call (318) 202-9144 immediately. A Gordon AC & Plumbing licensed plumber will arrive quickly to determine if there is a slab leak and provide you with fast and cost-effective solutions.