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How To Properly Size Your New Tankless Water Heater

As is the case with many things in this world, size matters when you are selecting a new tankless water heater for your home. One of the most beloved benefits of a tankless system is the endless supply of hot water, unlike traditional water heaters, which are limited by the capacity of their holding tank. However, you will only experience this world-famous endless supply of hot water if your tankless water heater is large enough to meet your demand. If you try to exceed the capacity of the unit, you will experience demand overload. And sadly, that means no hot water.

The Two Critical Factors

The most crucial piece of information that you will need to figure out is how much hot water you will require during peak usage in your home. This usage is calculated in gallons per minute (GPM). You can use the list below to determine which fixtures could be in use in your home at the same time.

  • Bathroom sink faucet – 1.0 GPM
  • Showerhead – 2.5 GPM
  • Tub faucet – 4.0 GPM
  • Kitchen faucet – 1.5 GPM
  • Dishwasher – 1.5 GPM
  • Washing machine – 2.0 GPM

Early morning is usually the most critical time for most households. If you have multiple family members showering at one time, you are looking at a minimum of 5 GPM. But if someone else could be using a faucet add in another gallon per minute. Also, consider evening usage if some people could be showering while the dishwasher or washing machine is running. Once you determine your peak usage, it is also a good idea to add in a little wiggle room just to be on the safe side. But don’t overestimate too much because the larger the capacity of your tankless water heater, the more expensive it is to purchase.

Temperature rise is the other important factor you will need to use when selecting your tankless water heater. This number is the difference between the groundwater temperature in your area and the temperature that you want for showering or bathing. Google is a good place to determine the average temperature of the water in your area. And your Gordon AC & Plumbing tankless water heater pro can also provide this number for you. You will want to subtract the average water temperature from 120 degrees, which is the most common preferred shower temperature.

How To Use This Information

When you are discussing your new water heater options with a pro from Gordon AC & Plumbing, each unit will have a predetermined specification. These will be listed as the capacity of the unit in gallons per minute with a specific temperature rise. For example, a unit used in a warmer climate can produce 8 GPM. But that same unit in a colder environment will only produce 5.5 GPM of hot water.

While all of this might be a bit confusing, it is merely an overview of the information that you will need to share with your Gordon AC & Plumbing professional when you are requesting a price quote for a new tankless water heater. And by knowing the general formula, you can give some thought to your hot water usage and provide the most accurate information possible. This usage evaluation is just one of the many steps in our process to help each customer select the tankless water heater that will best meet their hot water needs and their budget.

Why Choose Gordon AC & Plumbing For Your Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters are not new to the plumbing industry, but they are also not as commonplace as the traditional units. However, our team at Gordon AC & Plumbing has been factory trained on the proper installation and service of all the makes and models of tankless water heaters that we install. So you know the job will be done correctly and to the highest standards in the plumbing industry.

We also offer all of the service and regular maintenance that will help keep your tankless water heater running efficiently. A water heater can be a significant investment, and we want to help you get as many years of service as possible from your new water heater. To learn more about tankless water heaters and which unit would best suit your needs, call us at (318) 202-9144 for a free no-obligation price quote.