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How To Know When You Need Professional Leak Detection

There are some water leaks in your home that are easy to spot and easy to fix. A leaking faucet or drippy showerhead clear indications that you have a plumbing leak. And at that point, you can decide if you are going to pull out your toolbox and get to work or call a licensed plumber to take care of the leak for you. But the leaks that should have homeowners worried are the ones that are concealed in the walls, floors, or even under the concrete foundation of your home. Plumbers call these concealed leaks. And these are the hidden problems that can create thousands of dollars in water damage before you ever know that they exist. Which makes your first question, “Then how do I know when to call a leak detection specialist?” So, here is a list of common indications that you have a hidden water leak in your home.

The Sound Of Water Running

It might only be late at night or very early in the morning when your home is entirely silent, but once in a while, you think that you hear water running or dripping. If this has happened to you, and it was not a faucet dripping or the first sounds from your automatic coffee maker, then it’s time to call (318) 202-9144. A small leak in a pipe might not make any sound until there is a puddle for the water to hit. Then you might hear a slight sound. But even if you cannot confirm your suspicion, the pros from Gordon AC & Plumbing can check out your home and either locate and repair the leak or put your mind at ease.

Mystery Moisture On The Floor

Have you suddenly discovered a wet spot on the tile or a gushy place in the carpet? If you are sure that it is not the result of an accident by any two or four-legged residents, then you should be very concerned. This moisture could be the result of a pipe that is leaking. And the worst part is that the leak might not be located right where you discover the moisture. But a trained pro from Gordon AC & Plumbing will be able to precisely locate the leak and provide you with a variety of options for making a cost-effective repair.

What Is That Smell?

You might not find a wet spot on the floor or a damp area on a wall, but you could notice an odd, musty smell that you never noticed before. This is the result of a leak that has been hidden long enough to promote the growth of mildew and mold. Sadly, mold can be present in just a day or two. But it can take up to 18 days for the fungus to grow large enough to become visible. Fortunately, you can often smell the mold before you can see it. And if you or someone in your home is allergic to mold and mildew, it will be apparent after just a few days. A call to (318) 202-9144 is the best way to locate the leak and have it repaired so that you can begin to dry out your home and clean up any mold contamination.

Leaks Outdoors

Water leaks outside your home can also cause expensive water damage. If the leak is close to your foundation, it can wash away the soil that is supporting the concrete. A large leak can also begin to erode the walls or foundation of your home and create additional water damage inside your house. Water leaks in your lawn are usually easy to locate because the grass grows vigorously and is very green. Any extremely healthy, tall, green area is a good indication of a leak. In other areas of your yard, you could notice moisture, some settling of the soil, or discoloration from standing water.

A Huge Water Bill

Even if you have not discovered any sign of a leak or water damage in your home or yard, there is one more way to be tipped off about a hidden water leak. If your water bill suddenly increases, you should consider a hidden leak to be the number one reason for the uptick. You might want to verify with your water provider that there has not been any change in the billing rate. But in almost every case, a water bill increase is a sure sign of a hidden water leak.

While you might have no idea where the hidden water leak is located, it will only take a leak detection specialist from Gordon AC & Plumbing a short time to pinpoint the issue. Our licensed plumbers use the latest in leak detection technology to find hidden leaks in a non-invasive manner. Call us today at (318) 202-9144 and know that we will have the leak fixed for you quickly and cost-effectively.