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Drain Cleaning Myths Every Homeowner Should Know

You really never think about your drains until there is an issue. And at that point, it is really too late to be making sure that you are using them correctly. So you turn to the hacks and tips about affordable and fast ways to remove drain clogs. But the problem is that there are no shortcuts once you have a clogged drain. The only tried and true fix is a professional drain cleaning from a respected plumbing company that you trust. In , the go-to plumbers for safe and effective drain cleaning are the pros at Gordon AC & Plumbing. Just call (318) 202-9144 and know that they will use nothing but high-pressure water to remove clogs and clean all of your drain pipes. But in case you are still wondering about some of the tips you have read on the Internet, here are the worst offenders and myths that you should avoid.

Slow Drains Are Nothing To Worry About

This statement is only valid if you are fond of dirty water and sewage backing up into your home. A slow clearing drain is a signal that a clog is forming and that you need to remove it before the entire pipe is blocked. This is the time to address the problem so that it is faster, easier, and less expensive. But don’t fall prey to the next myth about cleaning your drains.

Drain Cleaning Is Easy

If drain cleaning were easy, we would not be having this conversation, and there would not be page after page of drain cleaning hacks online. You can get some decent results using a plunger or a snake to clear a partial drain clog. But you are not going to be actually cleaning the entire pipe. The only way to remove the grease, grime, and residue from the inside of your drain pipe walls is a professional water jet cleaning. Anything else leaves the nasty, sticky residue which immediately begins snagging debris to form the next clog. And despite what the label says, the next myth is not the answer to every drain clog issue, or really any drain clog issue.

Chemical Cleaners And Clog Removers Always Work

Any plumber will tell you that chemical cleaners and clog removers NEVER work, and they almost always cause more harm than good. These caustic chemicals rarely dissolve the clog. But they do begin to damage and compromise the integrity of your plumbing pipes. Plastic drains are especially susceptible to damage as the chemicals create heat, which melts the pipe but not the clog.

And then there are the health hazards of these toxic chemicals that you are handling and dumping into your drains. They warn you not to touch the liquid and to avoid breathing the fumes, which are very strong and caustic. And for people with breathing issues such as asthma, these fumes can cause a severe reaction. So why risk your health and your drain pipes when you can call (318) 202-9144 and know that a professionally trained licensed plumber from Gordon AC & Plumbing will remove any clogs and clean all of your drain pipes with nothing but clean, pure water? That solution is as simple as it sounds and equally reliable.

You Don’t Need A Professional To Remove A Clog

The only way that this myth could be true is if you don’t care about the safety of your drain pipes or your loved ones. Licensed plumbers have years of experience and training. They know what is safe for your drain pipes and what will result in expensive damage. And they warranty all of their work. So why would you trust anyone else? Do you let the person who walks your dog also provide your veterinary service? No, you only trust your beloved pets to a trained medical professional. So have the same respect and appreciation for the pipes that carry all of the waste and sewage from your home to the city sewer main.

Once you discover a clogged drain or a slow clearing drain in your home, there are no shortcuts or hacks that will fix the issue. The only solution is a professional drain cleaning from the licensed plumbers at Gordon AC & Plumbing. Don’t fall for the online myths or the handyman who says he can save you a lot of money. All that you will get is a lot of frustration and more massive repair bills when the plumbing hacks or unskilled handyman damaged your pipes or creates a flood of filthy water in your home. And without using a professional plumber like Gordon AC & Plumbing, you have no warranty to fall back on. Instead, you are left with costly repairs and extensive drainpipe issues.