Fall is a wonderful time to visit many attractions in Monroe, LA. You can stroll the grounds of the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo. Many people also like to stop by the Chennault Aviation and Military Museum. But you’ll want to make sure that your home is warm when you get back. That’s why you’ll […]

High-Tech Changes to the HVAC Industry

Energy efficient heat pump with a sun flare

With so many advancements being made in the technology sector, it makes sense that other industries are benefiting from all of this research and development. In the HVAC industry, we’re seeing much more efficient and modern units, as well as devices that are more convenient for residents to use. In this overview, we touch on […]

How to Get Your AC System Prepped for Summer

Hvac Tech working on a condensing unit

With Louisiana summers sustaining temperatures in the 90s, air conditioning is a must for many to remain comfortable. One of the best ways to help ensure that your air conditioning system will run without a hiccup all summer is to prep it properly. If this is your first time, here are a few key steps […]

4 AC Noises and What They Mean

Aircondition service and maintenance, fixing AC unit and cleaning the filters.

During the warmer months of the year in Monroe, Louisiana, the high humidity and heat can cause most people to leave their air conditioners running throughout the day and night. Due to the heavy use of the HVAC system, it can increase the risk of different issues that develop throughout the season. There are a […]

Tips on Using Your Smart Thermostat to Stay Cool For Less

Smart Home thermostat

Homes are getting smarter these days, and we should all take advantage of these new home advancements. Automation and connectivity really make a difference in regards to your air conditioning in Monroe, LA and the accompanying utility bills. When you upgrade to a smart thermostat through Gordon AC & Plumbing, use these tips to ensure […]

3 Easy Tips for Keeping Your Cooling Costs in Check

Thermometer Sun Sky 40 Degres. Hot summer day. High Summer temperatures in degrees Celsius and Farenheit.

When the temperature starts to rise during spring and summer, the temptation to keep your AC cranked up 24/7 can be strong. After all, it can get very hot and muggy in the Monroe, LA area, and oftentimes, the only way to stay comfortable at home is to have the cool air flowing. However, running […]

3 Reasons to Schedule HVAC Maintenance for Your Business

Male repair air conditioner at room, He is air technician , mechanic , engineer. Maintenance air conditioner myself.

The summer is quickly approaching, and with it will come plenty of hot and humid weather in Monroe, LA. If you aren’t able to keep your business cool over the next few months, your employees will be uncomfortable and, as a result, unproductive. Plus, your clients probably won’t want to spend much time at your […]

4 Outdoor Plumbing Maintenance Tasks to Improve Your Home This Spring

Hand installs faucet cover to protect the plumbing from freezing in the winter

Plumbing problems are inevitable, regardless of how well your plumber installed the pipework during construction. The ideal time to check your plumbing and perform the necessary maintenance tasks is the spring season due to the pleasant and friendly weather in Ouachita Parish. Are you wondering what outdoor plumbing tasks you need to tackle as you […]

Understanding Common Furnace Cries For Help

Your Monroe home’s furnace is easy to forget about when it is keeping your home comfortable. Its function is reasonably quiet and requires little attention on your part. However, when you begin to notice some odd sounds from the unit, it is time to pay a little attention to avoid paying a hefty repair bill […]