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How to Get Your AC System Prepped for Summer

With Louisiana summers sustaining temperatures in the 90s, air conditioning is a must for many to remain comfortable. One of the best ways to help ensure that your air conditioning system will run without a hiccup all summer is to prep it properly. If this is your first time, here are a few key steps that you’ll want to take.

Change Your Air Filter

Whether you rely on Gordon AC & Plumbing in Monroe, LA or you decide to perform AC maintenance on your own, a necessary step is replacing your air filter. You’ll need to purchase a filter that is the same model number that is in your AC system. Your AC filter should be checked at least once a month during the summer to see if it needs to be replaced. Simply hold it up to a light source. If you cannot see through it, then it is time to replace the filter.

Get Professional Maintenance

One necessary step that you will need to take to prep your AC system for the summer is to schedule professional AC maintenance. One of our maintenance professionals will inspect your system, clean it, and lubricate all moving parts to greatly reduce your risk of experiencing a breakdown during the hot summer months. Additionally, professional maintenance is typically required by most HVAC manufacturers at least once a year to maintain your warranty coverage.

Clean Up Your Condenser Unit

Your outdoor condenser unit is responsible for dispersing the heat from your air conditioning system to the outdoors. Whenever there is not adequate airflow to the condenser unit, your air conditioning system will not be able to effectively cool your home. To ensure you do not have AC problems this summer season, you will want to trim back any shrubs that are within three feet of your unit. Additionally, giving your outdoor condenser unit a good washing will help to remove any loose debris inside of the unit that could reduce its efficiency.

Program Your Thermostat

Now is a great time to sit down and program your thermostat. It is best to program your thermostat to be at a higher temperature during the hours of the day when no one is going to be home. This will help to drastically reduce your energy bills during the summer. If you do not currently have a smart thermostat, consider upgrading. Smart thermostats are not only a great way to easily control your home’s HVAC system from your smartphone, but they also provide you with eco-friendly settings that can help to further reduce your energy bills.

It is never a good idea to wait until the weather gets super hot before you test out your air conditioning system. Rather, you should be performing the maintenance steps that we went over above to ensure that your AC unit is ready to run at full bore this summer season. Contact us today to get professional HVAC service.