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A Very Important Benefit To Servicing Your HVAC Equipment

Depending on where you live, allergy season can range from a few months of discomfort to almost a year-round issue. But regardless of the length of time, allergy sufferers all agree that they need to find relief from the itchy eyes, runny nose, and trouble breathing. And for many, the best way to remain comfortable is to stay in their homes. But even that can create issues unless the HVAC system is getting regular maintenance.

How HVAC Maintenance Relieves The Misery Of Allergies

In addition to making all the necessary inspections for your HVAC system’s proper function, your trusted service tech will also do some vital cleaning of the unit. One of the first tasks is to replace the dirty air filter for the unit. This step not only helps to protect your HVAC equipment from damage due to dust and dirt, but it also helps to filter and clean the air in your home. 

Another task performed during an HVAC service appointment is a good cleaning for the outdoor equipment. You will notice that leave, dirt, and debris coat your outdoor AC equipment. And when the unit turns on, some of that debris and dust is pulled into your home. In the worst cases, that debris is filled with pollen that is the number one irritant for many people’s allergies. Washing the outdoor equipment is the best way to stop added pollutants and pollen from entering your home.

Professional Duct Cleaning

Even though you cannot see inside the ductwork of your home, you can imagine how much dust could accumulate inside them. Think about what it looks like when you move your refrigerator. Now imagine the amount of dust that would be behind the fridge if you never cleaned there for five years. If you have not had your ducts professionally cleaned in more than a few years, it is time.

The process is carefully completed so that all of the dust and debris removed from the ductwork is captured and removed from your home. A professional duct cleaning will also increase the airflow from your furnace and air conditioner, so you could notice increased comfort in your home after the cleaning is completed.

Other Tips To Reduce Allergens In Your Home

If you have carpeting, fabric curtains, and fabric-covered furniture in your home, it can be difficult to control your allergies. Hardwood or tile floors allow you to keep your floors more dust and allergen free. Wood or plastic blinds are a better option for windows as they do not trap dust and allergens. And leather furniture is equally as comfortable as fabric-covered pieces. And it is far less likely to trap dust, pollen, and other particles that will cause your allergies to make you miserable.

Fresh Air Is Not Always Best

Many homeowners love to open the windows. But if you are an allergy sufferer, it is best to only draw air into your home through the HVAC system and its filter. Opening the windows will only allow more dust and pollen to enter your home. Trust your HVAC filter to do its job. And be sure that you inspect it regularly and replace it as needed.

If you have noticed that you are suffering more from allergies in your home, call (318) 202-9144. A Gordon AC & Plumbing pro will arrive promptly for your appointment to inspect and service your HVAC system. Regular service and cleaning of the HVAC equipment is the best way to remain as comfortable as possible in your home when your allergies are flaring up.