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Why You Should Never Waste Your Time And Money On Liquid Drain Cleaners

Clogged drains are annoying, but they are also just a part of life. All of the oil-based beauty and bath products that we use, and the cooking grease and oil create some seriously sticky residue inside your drain pipes. This tacky mess begins to trap debris and food particles, and over time, clogs start to form. This is why Gordon AC & Plumbing recommends an annual professional drain cleaning to avoid the annoyance and potential water damage that can be caused by a clogged drain. Sadly, some homeowners choose to take matters into their own hands and try a jug of drain cleaner from the big box store, because they are unaware of the dangers associated with these products.

They Do More Damage Than Good

Most drain cleaners rely on caustic hydrochloric acid to eat through clogs. But what they don’t tell you is that this acid can also melt, deform or dissolve your plastic pipes and crack or compromise the integrity of metal pipes. The longer the acid sits in a single section of pipe, the higher the potential for damage. What the manufacturer is hoping is that the acid eats through the clog before it eats through your pipe. But in most cases, the clog is very thick and is not eliminated by the acid.

Even when you follow the directions and let the cleaner sit in the pipe for 30 minutes and then rinse with clear water, the damage can already have been done to your pipes. But the only way you will know this is after time passes and the pipes begin to crack and leak. Don’t bet your drain pipes on a $10 bottle of drain cleaner. Call the professionals at (318) 202-9144. A Gordon AC & Plumbing drain specialist will clean your drain pipes with nothing but high-pressure clean water. And the work will be backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and our warranty.

Acid Based Drain Cleaners Produce Toxic Fumes

When you read the drain cleaner bottle, it will warn against using the product in an unventilated space. It will also have a warning about the potential of chemical burns if the product comes in contact with your skin. This is a strong acid that is meant to eat through clogs, and to do that, it produces potent fumes. Anyone in your home could experience burning eyes and irritation to the nose and throat. And anyone with breathing issues could experience severe complications.

Never risk your health or the health of your loved ones in an attempt to clear a clogged drain. The pros from Gordon AC & Plumbing will professionally clean your drain pipes using nothing but high-pressure clear water. This method is safe for you and your plumbing.

Chances Are, The Money You Spent Is Wasted

In most cases, the chemicals in a bottle of drain cleaner are not going to remove any clog from your drain pipes successfully. The acid might begin to eat away some of the clog, but it will not completely dissolve it before you start to flush the pipe with clean water. The limited exposed surface of the clog is not large enough to allow the acid to work before it eats away your pipes. And even worse is that there is a potential for additional issues later because the pipes are more brittle after the exposure to the acid.

When you have a tough drain clog that needs attention, call (318) 202-9144, and know that our professionals never use caustic products to remove clogs or clean drains. Also, our professional drain cleaning process is the only way to remove all of the residue from your entire drain pipe. We will remove all of the offending clog, and small blockages that are forming and the residue that will begin to create new clogs. And this will be done with no harsh chemical fumes or damage to your drains.

At Gordon AC & Plumbing, we are so sure that our drain cleaning process will eliminate your issue that we back it with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We also warranty all of our work, so you never need to worry about surprises after we have fixed your plumbing, cleaned your drains, or installed a new appliance at your home. Call us today at (318) 202-9144 and know that your clogs will quickly and affordably be washed away.