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Trained hvac technician holding a voltage meter, performing preventative maintenance on a air conditioning condenser unit.

Top HVAC Maintenance Tips to Keep Your System Running Smoothly

The annual spring change is coming soon, and your HVAC unit will need routine maintenance or repair to prepare it for the season. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the coming season and ensure your furnace, air conditioner, or other units are ready.

Clear Debris From the Outdoor Unit

Air conditioning units often have a fan that pulls air across the condenser and blows it into the house. This air needs to flow freely and unobstructed from outside, so ensure no debris, leaves, or grass clippings are blocking this opening. Use a hand broom to sweep the opening clear.

Visually Inspect the Outdoor Unit

Go outside and take a look at your HVAC unit. Are the coils dirty? Dirty coils mean less heat transfer and less cooling performance. You can use a soft brush to clean them if you find them messy. Clean the coils thoroughly before the system starts to cool your home.

Have the Ducts Cleaned

Suppose the HVAC system is full of dust and debris that can cause problems. Your furnace and air conditioner are designed to clean themselves regularly with a filter, but this is just part of the job. Your ducts need to be cleaned as well. It’s easy; you only need a simple vacuum to clean these paths. The vents will stay clean longer, and you’ll save money using less energy.

Replace the HVAC Filter

A dirty filter can cause your system to run more. If the filter is dirty, replace it. This will help make your system work as efficiently as possible and reduce the amount of energy you use. HVAC filters are easy to get at and change, with most units having a simple door that opens to reveal the filter.

Upgrade the HVAC Filter

Consider upgrading the filter if you have an older furnace or air conditioner. Many older HVAC units will benefit from upgrading the filter to a higher MERV rating. This stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value and indicates how efficient the filter is at removing particles from the air.

Get a Smart Thermostat

If you have an older home, consider getting a Smart thermostat. These devices connect to your internet and will communicate with the HVAC unit. It makes temperature adjustments based on where you are in the house and maintains a set temperature even when you are all over the house. Some of these HVAC units will turn off when no one is around and turn on when someone enters a room, thus reducing energy costs and extending your system’s life.

Check for Air Leaks

Take a look at the windows and doors. Are there any gaps around doors or windows that could allow air to leak out of your home? If so, you can use foam gaskets to seal these gaps. This will let your HVAC unit run at peak efficiency and can lower your energy bills.

If you are located in Monroe, LA, and you need HVAC maintenance services, Gordon AC & Plumbing can help. We can service your HVAC system, so it’s ready for the spring.