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Three Huge Benefits Of Regular Duct Cleaning

We all understand that the duct system in our homes is a critical piece of the HVAC system that keeps us comfortable throughout the year. But what many homeowners don’t think about is that the inside of these ducts, or tunnels, can accumulate a massive amount of dust and dirt. Think of the amount of dust that can stick to your ceiling fan’s blades and then multiply it by twenty. And that is the dust-covered tubing that is carrying all of the warm air in the winter and cool air in the summer to make your home comfortable. A simple duct cleaning will not only eliminate the nasty dust but will also improve the air quality, eliminate odors, and improve the function of your HVAC system.

  • BETTER AIR QUALITY – Professional duct cleaning is a process that uses specially designed hand tools to loosen and remove the dust and debris that has accumulated inside your duct system. A high-powered vacuum is then used to ensure that all the grime is completely removed from the ducts and your home. In many cases, a HEPA filter is used to provide the highest level of air filtering possible. And once the process is completed, you will discover that you are having fewer allergy issues, less sinus congestion, and fewer sneezing fits. It is an industrial dusting and cleaning for your home’s HVAC ducts. And the best way to eliminate a considerable percentage of the dust in your home. You will even notice that you are dusting your furniture less frequently after a good duct cleaning. 
  • FEWER ODD ODORS – If you have ever come home after a full day out of the house and noticed an odd odor, it is time for a good duct cleaning. Pet dander, bacteria, and even paint fumes can become trapped in dust particles. And when your HVAC system circulated the air through your home, these dust particles enter and flow throughout your home’s ductwork. Without proper cleaning, the dust builds up. It creates a solid layer inside ducts that continues to trap odor laden particles. You dust your home regularly to eliminate dust and dirt. But you never think of what is accumulating inside your air ducts, and blowing smells into every room of your home.
  • INCREASED HVAC EFFICIENCY – When your HVAC ducts are installed, they are pristine, shiny metal inside. But after many years of use and no professional cleaning, the inside is no longer smooth and clean. Instead, the metal is coated with sticky dust and residue. And that means your HVAC fan is working extra hard to circulate your warmed or cooled air. Once the ducts are professionally cleaned and free of dust, you will find that your home’s temperature is more consistent, and your HVAC fan runs less frequently. Also, during the cleaning process is an excellent time for your HVAC pro to discover any damage to the seals in your ducts or debris that might be blocking your airflow. It is not uncommon for critters to find an opening in household ductwork and build a nest. This can contribute to the odd smell in your home and the lack of airflow in certain rooms.

Cleaning and replacing the air filters for your HVAC system only do so much. These filters are installed to protect your HVAC’s mechanical components more than to filter the air that is being blown through your home’s ducts. The best way to eliminate all of the health concerns and contamination of dust in your home is to have your HVAC ducts professionally cleaned.

At Gordon AC & Plumbing, our pros use the latest techniques and equipment to remove all of the dust and contaminants from your ductwork. And during the cleaning process, we inspect all of the connections to ensure your ducts’ integrity. We know that our customers rely on us to provide quality service. And we do whatever it takes to be sure that your ducts are spotless and ready to provide you with dust-free air throughout your home. Call us today at (318) 202-9144 to schedule a professional duct cleaning and inspection for your home’s ductwork.