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Schedule an HVAC Consultation: Check Your Air Quality in the New Year

Recent economic events have left many business owners struggling to stand out among their competitors. If it has been a while since your HVAC unit was serviced or your ducts checked, there’s a chance that improper pressure or moisture buildup is damaging the air quality in your facility.

Maintaining an Older Unit

Our technicians are well-versed in caring for older HVAC units. Because Louisiana summers can be quite harsh, it’s important that your AC unit is serviced early in the spring. At that time, we can also discuss add-ons that will guard the air quality in your facility.

Tools such as ultraviolet lights and increased filtration can make it possible for you to boost the air quality inside your facility while continuing to use your older AC unit. Our technicians can also give you an effective assessment of the life remaining in your commercial HVAC system so you can plan ahead for eventual replacement.

Internal Air Cleaners

You may also be able to take the burden off an older AC unit by adding air cleaners to various areas of your commercial facilities. If you have a zone in your commercial building where air goes stagnant or where air returns don’t function as effectively as you would like, free-standing air cleaners may be the best choice.

Pay careful attention to the population of this area of your facility when choosing your air cleaner. If your facility features a retail counter and you sell cosmetic products, putting an air cleaner at the perimeter can protect those that are chemically sensitive from fragrances that linger near cosmetics. Environmental sensitivities are on the rise. If you have clients who want to shop for clothing, you don’t want to lose their business at the perfume counter.

Increase Your Cleaning Options

If your air filters are constantly clogged or you’ve had your ducts cleaned and dust is building up again, it may be time to make other changes in your facility. There are many commercial tools that can create a lot of dust, from dryers to table saws. Adding new cleaning tools to protect the air in your facility before it enters your HVAC air return can protect your ducts as well.

Schedule an appointment with our team at Gordon AC & Plumbing in Monroe, LA to check the air quality in your facility and service your commercial HVAC unit. Providing clean air to clients and employees will give you an edge in the coming year.