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For a Carefree Holiday Season, Maintain Your Plumbing in the Fall

Holidays may be hard on home plumbing systems, but that’s not the only reason to care about your system’s maintenance needs this fall. The months leading up to winter are often crucial for maintaining pipes and preparing systems for the year ahead. Following these basic best practices for plumbing upkeep this season can make your life a lot easier down the road.

Schedule an Inspection

Many people avoid calling a professional plumber until there’s an actual emergency, but this isn’t the best way to live. Every home and business should have a professional plumbing inspection every year or two. This doesn’t prevent every possible problem, but it helps you catch a lot of potential issues before they cause serious inconvenience or damage. Plumbers have mobile video cameras and other tools that allow for quick and effective investigation of your system.

Winterize Your System

It’s easy to forget to winterize your system, especially if you don’t have a lot to do. Generally, most homeowners only need to worry about turning off their outdoor connections and ensuring their pipes are properly insulated. Pipes and fixtures associated with garages, outdoor structures and additions to the home are often more vulnerable to sub-freezing temperatures, so be sure to properly insulate all exposed lines.

Address Problems Now

Don’t wait to address signs of clogged drains or system malfunction. It’s easier to address plumbing problems before the ground hardens from frost and there’s a risk of snow or ice interrupting repairs. Removing a persistent clog from a tub drain now might mean you don’t have to deal with days of complete sewer blockage in a month or two.

Know Your Sewer and Septic Needs

One of the most important call maintenance tips is to know your system’s needs. Be sure everyone in your home or business knows what can and can’t be flushed to reduce the risk of clogs or septic issues. You need to know enough to recognize when something isn’t right, so you can contact a professional to address the issue.

Master the Essentials With Professional Services

For homeowners, plumbing problems are incredibly disruptive and stressful. For business owners, they can deter customers or interrupt normal service. No matter what your situation, these issues are never convenient. That’s why it’s best to prevent them whenever possible.

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