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Dealing With A Sewer Line Clog During The Coronavirus Pandemic

With everyone trying to stay home as much as possible to limit potential exposure to the Coronavirus, the function of your home’s plumbing system is more critical than ever. And if you are noticing that your drains are clearing more slowly than usual or toilets are not flushing correctly, your stress level is sure to be skyrocketing. But what you need to know is that there is a simple solution to your problem and that you are not alone. Many homeowners are experiencing sewer line issues due to the lack of availability of toilet paper. However, a single call to (318) 202-9144 can have the problem corrected quickly and cost-effectively.

Why Now, Of All Times For A Sewer Line Clog?

You have certainly been asking yourself why you have a sewer line issue piling on top of all of your other concerns. And it is essential to note that this is not a coincidence or a stroke of bad luck. The truth is that most of the homeowners who are experiencing a sewer line clog currently could have avoided the problem.

The increase in sewer and drain line clogs is directly related to the lack of toilet paper in the store shelves. Consumers are looking for alternative products to use in place of toilet paper. And they are not thinking about alternative disposal. They are flushing massive amounts of paper towels, baby wipes, napkins, and tissues down their sewer line with no thought about what will happen next. Let’s be honest, your concerns are focused on your health and safety and not sewer lines.

Unfortunately, all of the common TP substitutes are not designed to be flushed. These paper products were created to be more robust and durable than TP, so they do not break down in sewer lines live flimsy toilet paper. And while you might not care about what happens after you flush, you should. Because these paper wades are creating massive clogs in sewer lines across the country. Plumbing companies such as Gordon AC & Plumbing have reported a significant increase in the number of calls they are receiving about clogged sewer lines and professional drain cleaning requests. And the issue is not limited to residential sewer lines. Many cities are experiencing colossal clogs of paper towels and wipes in city sewer mains.

Suitable TP Alternatives

Considering the current lack of real TP, many consumers are being forced to select another product to use in place of their favorite toilet paper. And if you are facing this problem, there are a few facts you should know. First, not all flushable wipes are really safe for your sewer line. The only flushable wipes that will not create a clog issue are labeled with the word biodegradable. They might also say that they are safe for septic systems. These wipes will degrade much like standard TP.

If you must use any other type of paper product in place of TP, DO NOT flush it. If you do, it is only a matter of time before you will notice slow clearing drains and issues flushing your toilets. As bad as this might sound, these used paper products need to go into the trash. Many homeowners are purchasing a trashcan with a lid and plastic bag liners for disposal of these used waste papers. Some are converting old diaper pails, and others are using plastic grocery bags and making a trip to the trashcan or dumpster after each trip to the bathroom. But NEVER flush these products.

The Only Safe Clog Removal And Drain Cleaning Process

Clog removal is not about how strong a drain cleaning solution is, or what it can eat through. In most cases, these products will cause more damage to your drain pipes than the object that is clogging them. The real solution for clog removal is a professional drain cleaning. This process uses only pure high-pressure water to blast away clogs and the residue that will create future clogs. And the only way to know that your drain and sewer pipes are being cleaned correctly and completely is to call a professional you can trust. In , homeowners trust Gordon AC & Plumbing to safely clean their drains and get the job done right the first time. When you notice a slow clearing drain, don’t wait for a complete blockage. Call (318) 202-9144 immediately for a professional and safe solution.