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Dangerous Drain Cleaning Myths

Maintaining clean drains in your home is an essential step in reducing the odor that can creep up from your drain pipes. And it is also a vital step in eliminating annoying and often costly drain clogs and backups that flood your home with filthy water and sewage. But unfortunately, there are a lot of myths and a tremendous amount of misinformation out there that creates confusion for homeowners. And in some cases, following this questionable advice can cost you a significant amount of money. In many cases, clever wording on ad copy or a sound bite from a commercial leads price-conscious consumers to do something that is almost guaranteed to cause severe damage to their drain pipes. But unless you know about these myths and untruths, you could become their next victim.

Slow Drains – No Need To Worry

 How many times have you seen a commercial that tells you not to worry about a slow clearing drain? Probably too many. And if you believe what they are saying, then you think that a slow drain is an easy DIY project after you visit the big box store for a jug of drain cleaner. Sadly, the lie about a slow drain being no problem to worry about is only the first in a long string of misconceptions.

The Truth About Chemical Cleaners

All of the manufacturers of chemical drain cleaners need to start with a lie about the severity of a clogged drain. So that they can downplay the concentration of their products. If they were honest and told you that a slow clearing drain was a nasty glob of hair, soap residue, and oil, then they would have to tell you about the caustic chemical cocktail that they are trying to sell you. And they would also need to read to you what they prefer to hide in the fine print on their packaging.

The fact is that these drain cleaners are a combination of caustic chemicals such as lye, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, and sulfuric acid. And the makers of these products hope that their proprietary mix will eat through your drain clog before it melts or eats away the walls of your drain pipe. But there are no promises that the clog will be removed and that your pipes will survive this DIY debacle.

And There Are More Hazards

If you examine a bottle of drain cleaner carefully, you will discover that there is a great deal of tiny print hidden under that image of a sparkling clean drain pipe. And that small print is telling you to avoid getting any of this product on your skin because it will cause chemical burns. There are also warnings about using only in a well-ventilated space. How big do they think the average bathroom is, anyway? But this warning is due to the toxic chemical fumes that will quickly erupt from your drainpipe once you pour in this wonder product. And if you happen to have any respiratory issues, such as asthma, be prepared for a seriously unpleasant experience unless you are wearing a respirator mask.

In short, the claims that chemical drain cleaners are the best way to unclog a drain are false. These harsh chemicals are known to do more damage to your pipes than any good that they might accomplish. And even worse is the health hazard to you and anyone in your home who might inhale the caustic fumes that can linger in your home for hours if not days.

The final myth is that you need these harsh products to clean your drain pipes. That is 100% false. At Gordon AC & Plumbing, we professionally clean your drain pipes and remove any clogs using nothing but high-pressure pure water. Our application process turns ordinary water into a jet that scrubs away clogs, grime, and residue throughout your home’s drain pipes. And we do this without damaging your pipes, filling your home with noxious chemical fumes, or pouring harmful chemicals into the sewer system to harm the environment. So when you notice a slow clearing drain in your home, don’t ignore this important message. Grab your phone and call (318) 202-9144 to schedule a professional drain cleaning.