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Signs of a slab leak

Common Signs Of A Slab Leak Everyone Should Know

If you live in a home that is constructed on a concrete slab foundation rather than a house built on a basement, then you need to know the common signs of a slab leak. Discovering this issue quickly and calling (318) 202-9144 for a slab leak detection appointment could save you thousands of dollars and a considerable amount of stress.

What Is A Slab Leak

As you know, in homes that are built on a slab foundation, all of the water service lines run under the concrete. Then the pipes are stubbed up through the foundation to provide water in the various rooms of your home. A slab leak occurs when one of these pipes develops a crack and begins leaking under the foundation of your home. The pipe might have cracked due to an extreme temperature change, the ground freezing, or when the soil under your home settles. But in all of these cases, the result is water flowing under your home’s foundation. And the potential for an excessive amount of damage to your house.

Signs Of A Slab Leak Inside Your Home

Because these leaks are under your home, they can be challenging for you to detect. But there are a few signs that will let you know that you could be dealing with a severe leak.

  • Damp or Altered Flooring- Eventually, the leaking water will begin to surface through your concrete foundation. You might notice damp carpet, water seeping up through wood flooring or tiles or warps in the floor surface. All of these are reasonable indications of some type of water damage.
  • Mold-Even if the water has not worked its way up through your floors, it could still be soaking the subfloor and other materials below your finish flooring. This prolonged moisture will quickly lead to mold and mildew growing inside your floors and then into other parts of your home, such as the walls and ceilings. If you notice mold in unexplainable locations, your first concern should be a slab leak.
  • Mildew-Even if you are unable to see any mold growth in your home, you are likely to smell the mildew. This is a musty, stale smell that accompanies mold growth. If anyone in your home is allergic to mold and mildew, he or she could begin to experience an allergic reaction before anyone else can even smell the mildew.

If you see mold or smell the musty mildew, call (318) 202-9144 immediately for leak detection service. Not only will the slab leak cause a great deal of water damage to your home, but it can also become the breeding ground for toxic black mold. These spores can cause a sore throat, watery eyes, runny nose, headaches, and severe breathing issues. If the leak has been present long enough to promote the growth of toxic black mold, you and your loved ones will need to leave your home until the black mold is professionally removed, and the area is decontaminated.

Signs Of A Slab Leak Outside Your Home

If the slab leak is near the edge of your foundation, you could also notice some changes outside your home that are indications that a leak is present.

  • Unexplained Wet Area-If you notice that there is an area along the foundation of your home that remains wet for no reason, then you should call (318) 202-9144 to schedule a leak detection specialist appointment. The water from the slab leak could be causing the mushy area and should be checked out quickly.
  • Foundation Damage-If you see new cracks in your foundation or areas where the concrete is beginning to crumble, a slab leak should be your first worry. Often times, the water saturates the concrete and the soil that is supporting it. When this happens, the soil shifts, and the concrete begins to break. This damage should be checked out by a professional to be sure that there is no water undermining your home’s foundation.

Even if you only think that there might be a slab leak under your home, there is no time to waste. Call (318) 202-9144 to schedule an emergency leak detection appointment with the pros at Gordon AC & Plumbing. Our licensed plumber will arrive quickly and provide you with the answers that you need very quickly. This fast action will not only eliminate your stress but also limit the potential for damage to your home and expensive repairs.