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Ductless Minisplit

Check Out The Ductless Mini-Split AC Option

If you are looking for a great option for AC but don’t have ductwork in your home, the Ductless Mini-Split could be your ideal solution. As the name implies, you do not need ductwork for this modern wonder to cool your home. But that is just the beginning.

The Ductless Mini-Split- Your Perfect Solution

With no ductwork, you might have thought you were destined to suffer from ugly room air conditioners in every window. And if that was not an option, you were shuddering at the thought of installing ductwork. Now you can forget both nightmares and opt for the Mini-Split. Its fantastic list of benefits include:

  • Unequaled Efficiency– These small units use the latest technology to create the lowest operating cost of any air conditioning system. Inverter technology makes DC voltage from high-voltage. Then the DC is used to power the Mini-Split. The result is a system that uses a fraction of the energy of other ACs to cool your home cost-effectively. This amazing piece of technology also offers a variable speed motor to control the energy used and cooling power of the units. This is not even an option on most central air systems.
  • Simple Zoning– Rather than a single large unit cooling the entire house, mini-splits can be located throughout the house for more customized cooling. The result is complete control of the temperature in each room or space in your home. It ensures that everyone is comfortable and that you are only using the energy you need to cool each space appropriately. If one room is in the sun, cool it more. But you don’t need to waste that same cooling in a room that is constantly shaded. It is another way to reduce operating costs and help out the environment with less energy waste.
  • Complete Control– The Mini-Split lets you customize the temperature in every room at every moment of the day and night. The choices are cooling, heating, or turning the unit off to open the window and enjoy the ambient temperature. This is the perfect solution for guest rooms that see little use or empty home office on the weekend.

Obstacles Faced By The Ductless Mini-Split Systems

We all know that no device or appliance is perfect. And the Ductless Mini-Split is included in that category. There are some real challenges to these systems, but ones that could be overcome in many households.

  • Air Filtering- The Ductless Mini-Split does offer some air filtration. But it is not to the level of a central air system.
  • Visual Concealment- There are parts of the Ductless Mini-Split that will be visible outside your home. Wiring pipes and some components are mounted on the house. However, there are options to paint and conceal the mechanical parts of the system to help them blend in with the house.
  • Drainage Lines- Ideally, the Mini-Split is located in an area that can allow gravity to handle moving the condensation through a drainage pipe. However, if that is not possible, a drainage pump can be added. The pump, however, does add to the cost of the system and sound it creates.
  • Homeowner Maintenance- The filters on the Mini-Split need to be cleaned regularly. In areas of high use, it can be as often as every few weeks. If this maintenance is not completed, the unit will become less energy-efficient and effective at cooling your home. Some homeowners see this as excessive service and are unwilling to dedicate the time required.

To learn more about the Ductless Mini-Split, call (318) 202-9144. Gordon AC & Plumbing experts will answer your questions and provide you with a free estimate for installation in your home.