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4 Common Signs It’s Time to Clean Your Drains

The drains that are present in your bathrooms and kitchen get plenty of use as you spend time cleaning, getting ready, and preparing meals. Many people fail to realize how dirty they can become as dirt and grime develop. There are a few common signs to be aware of that indicate it's time to clean the drains to ensure they continue to work correctly in your home in Monroe, Louisiana.

1. A Lack of Drainage

Your drains likely have clogs and grime that have developed if you notice your sinks fill up with water quickly and tend to drain slowly. The gunk that's hiding on the other side of the drain can prevent proper water flow. The issue may be present close to the drain if there's a clump of hair or toothpaste, but in other cases, it can be farther down. This requires hiring a professional from a company like Gordon AC & Plumbing in Monroe to investigate the issue and perform drain cleaning.

2. Smelly Drains

Similar to other parts of the home, the drains will start to smell if they haven't been cleaned in more than a year. You may start to notice strong sewage smells that are present even after cleaning the sink. Cleaning out the grime is the only way to resolve the issue and create a fresher setting.

3. Strange Noises

Your drains shouldn't be making any noise if they're clean and there aren't any obstructions present. When there's air that's trapped in the drain, it'll cause gurgling noises to develop. You may even hear banging noises at times. Due to this type of pressure that develops on the pipes, it can cause leaks to start to form as the water is attempting to find somewhere to go.

4. Fruit Flies

Whether yo live near Garden District or Morningside, you'll probably notice fruit flies in your home at some point during the year. Unfortunately, it can be inconvenient to have them in your house near the drains. Fruit flies are often present anywhere food waste buildup is lingering, making it necessary to hire a professional to clean out the drains.

Drain flies are also common and known to breed in dirty drains and sewers that are neglected. If you notice a lot of drain flies in your bathrooms, it's a sign your drains are ready to be cleaned.

Feel free to contact our team at Gordon AC & Plumbing to learn more about when your drains need to be cleaned to ensure they continue to operate reliably. Our team is here to answer your questions and can provide you with the services that we offer.

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3 Reasons to Schedule HVAC Maintenance for Your Business

The summer is quickly approaching, and with it will come plenty of hot and humid weather in Monroe, LA. If you aren't able to keep your business cool over the next few months, your employees will be uncomfortable and, as a result, unproductive. Plus, your clients probably won't want to spend much time at your offices, either. If your commercial HVAC unit is running smoothly and efficiently, though, then the scorching Monroe weather won't be able to get in the way of your company's success. Scheduling commercial HVAC maintenance will not only help you maintain a comfortable business space, but it will also provide several other benefits.

1. Better HVAC Performance

Over time, as you use your HVAC system to cool down or warm up your business space, more and more mileage gets put on the equipment. Without regular tune-ups, that wear and tear will gradually worsen the unit's performance. Eventually, you're likely to start noticing uneven temperatures in different areas of your facility or less effective air circulation overall.

When you bring in an HVAC technician for preventative maintenance, part of the service will be cleaning out the system and making tweaks to improve its performance. After one of these tune-ups, you'll enjoy more consistent cooling during the upcoming spring and summer. Then, when autumn and winter eventually arrive, your HVAC unit will do a better job providing heat. If you want your business to be a pleasant place for you, your employees, and your customers, then regular HVAC maintenance is a must.

2. Improved Energy Efficiency

After a professional maintenance visit, your commercial HVAC unit will be able to do its job without needing to push itself as hard. That means that as the temperature rises over the next few months, the system will easily be able to keep up with the demand for cool air circulation. It also means that less electricity will be required for its operation, and your monthly energy costs should be significantly more affordable.

3. Reduced Risk of a Breakdown

The last thing you want to deal with during a workday is your business's HVAC system breaking down or malfunctioning. If your employees are doing a physical job, that type of occurrence could be especially devastating during a hot summer day in Monroe.

Fortunately, when you hire our HVAC experts at Gordon AC & Plumbing, they'll thoroughly inspect the system and check for any red flags. If there's anything wrong with the unit or any indication that something may go wrong in the near future, they'll be able to nip it in the bud before it becomes a serious problem. Not only will you avoid some major hassle, but you'll save money on a potentially costly repair bill as well.

Trust Your Local HVAC Professionals

Commercial HVAC maintenance isn't all that expensive, but the positive impact it can have on your business is substantial. By investing in the service before the hot weather arrives, you can set your workplace up for a pleasant summer with plenty of money saved. When you're ready to schedule this essential service for your Monroe-area business, reach out to our offices at Gordon AC & Plumbing, and our skilled team will handle the job.

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