Are You Overworking Your Furnace?

When cold weather rolls into town, homeowners are glad to have reliable heating from their furnace. Without that heat source, the house would become uncomfortable and unsafe in a very short time. But many people are not aware of the mistakes that they are making that cause their home’s furnace to work harder than necessary. And these mistakes result in higher heating bills and a shorter life expectancy for their furnace. Applying just a few simple tips can help you reduce your monthly heating cost and extend the life of your heating system by as much as several years.

Tips From A Pro To Prevent Water Damage

As a homeowner, one of your greatest concerns is sure to be water damage to your home. Unfortunately, there are many ways that water can infiltrate your home and damage the structure, finishes, and even your belongings. However, it is also vital to know that with a few tips from the professionals at Gordon AC & Plumbing, you can know that your home and personal items are well protected.

The Benefits Of Programmable Thermostats

If you have been searching for ways to heat and cool your home more cost-effectively, you are sure to have come across many comments about programmable thermostats. But few resources really dig into all of the potential benefits of these devices. Most focus only on saving a few dollars, and that is the end of the sales pitch. They might even throw out a number like saving 20% to grab your attention. But while saving money is important, there are other equally exciting reasons to check into programmable thermostats.

3 Plumbing Problems Best Left To A Licensed Plumber

As a homeowner, you know that there are many tasks and chores around your home that you can handle on your own to save some money. However, you should also understand that some challenges are best left to professionals. When you get in over your head, the result can be added damage and expenses that you would not have to deal with if left to the pros. Below are three common plumbing problems that might appear simple at first. But they can be far more difficult to locate and properly repair than you might imagine.

Everything You Need To Know About Replacing Your Furnace Filter

If you made a mental note to check your furnace filter, you are in the minority. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not even have that vital task on their radar. And even fewer follow through with actually completing the chore. But all of those who do not understand the value of their furnace filter or have not learned how to check and replace it are destined to be paying some significant furnace repair bills in the future.

6 Habits To Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

We all know that there are many health issues related to air pollution. But most people only think of polluted air as an issue that occurs outdoors. Researchers have discovered that the air in many homes can contain ten times the pollution of outside air. Part of the problem is the air-tight quality of the homes in . New building practices meant to lower heating and cooling costs have reduced the ventilation and air circulation in our homes. The result is more pollution concentration in the air that you breathe when you are in your home. Below are six simple practices that you can adopt to improve the air quality in your home and ensure that everyone remains healthy and happy.

Now What’s Clogging The Toilet?

One of the worst events you can experience in your bathroom is watching the water rise inside your toilet bowl. You flushed the toilet, but instead of everything magically disappearing, the water starts to creep toward the top of the bowl. And even if you jiggle the handle a few times and grab for the plunger, it might be too late. But what you needed to do was avoid this entire catastrophe by knowing a few common causes of toilet clogs and how to avoid them.

How To Prevent Costly Slab Leak Repairs

There are many issues around your home that you can avoid with just a bit of planning and a few proactive steps. And when the potential problem is as severe as a water leak under your house, being proactive is a very wise investment. Not only can a water leak create thousands of dollars in water damage, but it can also promote the growth of toxic black mold. Even a tiny leak could be responsible for unexplained health issues you and your loved ones are suffering. And this is made worse by the fact that you could have avoided the entire event with just a few simple tasks.
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