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All You Need To Know About AC Warranties

Very few homeowners plan on or budget for emergency air conditioner repairs. But then again, most also never really think about their AC or caring for it until it is too late. Only on the hottest day of the year, right after your AC stopped working, do you begin to wonder if your unit is still under warranty. The thought of a massive repair bill is upsetting, but you can’t live with no AC in the summer. You call for emergency service and just hope that you have some kind of warranty that will help you out with the needed repairs.

Most newer air conditioners have a pretty good warranty from the manufacturer. They average between 5 and 10 years from the date of the installation for the compressor. Some will also cover the cost of the labor if the defect or issue is under warranty.

Are You Really Covered?

The first critical piece of information to know is that most manufacturers require the homeowner to register the unit after it is installed. A warranty card should have come with the unit that could be returned via mail or provided a link to complete online. If you did not register your new AC, then chances are, you have no warranty, even if you are in the standard window of coverage.

Where To Check For Warranty Coverage Information

The best place to start looking for warranty information is the packet of documents that you were given by your HVAC pro when the unit was installed. This should include the warranty information if a warranty was offered on the unit. It will also provide the date of installation to confirm that you are in the window for coverage. If you can’t locate the installation or purchase documents, look back in your bank records to find the payment date. It will be needed when searching for your warranty information online.

Who To Turn To For Help

In the best case, you know the name of the contractor who installed the AC unit. A quick call to the company will provide you with the installation date and information about the warranty included on the unit. If that company is no longer in business, or you can’t recall the company name, you can search the AC manufacturer’s website for information about their warranties and the time frame of most warranties. Have the serial number of your AC unit with you for faster answers. The number is typically located on a rating plate found on the exterior of the cooling unit.

I Just Bought A House And The AC Quit Working

If you are not the house and AC unit’s original owner, things can be a bit more complicated. Hopefully, the purchaser of the AC did register it with the manufacturer when it was installed. And ideally, the warranty is transferable. In some cases, the warranty only covers the original owner. Check your home purchase documents to see if there are notes about the AC warranty, installation date, and installation contractor. If there are no documents, you will need to locate the serial number on the unit and check online to see if you have any warranty coverage available.

Common Brands And Warranty Coverage

There are many recognizable brands that have a reasonably standard warranty. Below is a short list of brands and their warranties to give you an idea of what to expect if you need to contact the manufacturer regarding the warranty.

  • Goodman- 10-year unit replacement limited warranty and lifetime compressor warranty on select models
  • Carrier- 10-year parts limited warranty on Infinity, Performance, and Comfort models
  • Lennox- 10-year warranty on parts and compressor for Signature Series/ 5-year limited parts warranty and 10-year compressor warranty on Elite Series/ 5-year parts limited and compressor warranty on Merit Series
  • Trane- 1 to 20-year base limited warranty on compressor, outdoor coil, and internal components
  • Bryant- 10-year standard parts warranty if registered within 90 days of installation/ 5-year standard parts limited warranty if not registered.

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