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5 AC Maintenance Tips to Add to Your Spring-Cleaning Checklist

Spring is already here, and that means one thing for thousands of homeowners — spring cleaning. But don’t let your kitchen, bathrooms, and garage hog all the attention. Spring is also the best time to do some routine maintenance for your air conditioner. Add these helpful home AC tips to your spring-cleaning to-do list.

1. Check Vents and Registers

The air vents for your HVAC system collect dust all year long, so wipe them clean with a damp cloth to keep the air flowing freely. If you have adjustable registers in the walls and ceilings, make sure they are wide open to maximize airflow and balance the air pressure.

While the AC is blowing, put your hand up to those vents and notice the airflow. Is the air blowing nice and cool as it should be? Or is your air conditioner blowing warm air? Is the airflow strong or weak compared to other rooms? Low airflow and warm air temperature are signs that your air conditioner needs repair or replacement.

2. Change Dirty HVAC Filters

Take a few minutes to check your AC filters as well. Most manufacturers recommend replacing dirty air filters every three months. However, your needs may vary, especially during warmer weather or for households with pets and family members with allergies. To maximize indoor air quality and efficiency, replace those dirty filters every month or so.

Some larger homes may have more than one air intake vent or multiple filters. Be sure to replace all AC air filters in your home regularly to keep your system running smoothly.

3. Double-Check Your Electric Bills

If your electric bill is higher than normal for this time of year, your air conditioner could be the problem. If your AC seems to run constantly, it probably needs servicing. Air conditioners can last well over a decade with proper maintenance and repairs, but if your system is pushing 12+ years, you probably need a new air conditioner.

4. Seal Air Leaks Around Doors and Windows

Air leaks allow cold air to escape and hot air from outdoors to enter your home. Check that rubber strip around all exterior doors and windows. If the weatherstripping is old, worn-out, and cracked, replace it with some new material from the hardware store. Sealing air leaks reduces strain on your AC and makes it last longer.

5. Schedule AC Maintenance and Repairs

Because the weather isn’t too hot yet, spring is also a great time to fix or replace your old air conditioner. An annual maintenance tune-up every spring will keep your unit running efficiently, and catching minor problems before they do additional damage to other components can save you money over time.

Don’t wait for the intense heat of summer, when your local AC repair company’s calendar is filled up with other customers. Be proactive and take care of your home cooling needs before the busy season starts. If your Monroe, LA home’s central AC needs repair or even a brand-new air conditioner installation, contact Gordon AC & Plumbing today to schedule a visit.