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4 Reasons For Plumbing Issues In Your Home

Most homeowners think of only their home’s water pipes when the term plumbing is mentioned. But it is important to remember that both the water supply lines and the drain pipes are critical components of your home’s plumbing system. And both require regular care and maintenance to continue to provide you with much needed services. Understanding five of the most common issues related to your home’s plumbing will help you prevent some problems. And be on the lookout for indications of other troublesome issues so that you can proactively call in the pros from Gordon AC & Plumbing before your home suffers expensive damage.

Invasive Tree Roots

Tree roots can cause some substantial damage to your home’s drain and sewer lines. The roots grow around the sewer pipe and, over time, will crush the pipe. Once the integrity of the pipe is compromised, the roots will aggressively grow into the piping in search of the water and waste that are flowing inside. Not only does this cause a backup in the drains inside your home, but it also creates a dirty, nasty leak in your yard.

While you cannot control how tree roots grow, you can make it less possible for the roots to interfere with your sewer and drain pipes. Refrain from planting any large shrubs or trees near your sewer line, and never plant any trees in your yard that are known to have very aggressive root growth. The most common varieties with invasive root structures include Poplar, Willow, American Elm, and Silver Maple.


Cooking oils and grease should never be washed down your kitchen sink drain. These fatty products are in the form of a liquid that might appear to be safe to wash away with hot water. But as soon as they begin to cool, they form a thick coating of sticky residue inside your drain pipes. And over time, they begin to trap food and waste particles that would have otherwise washed out of your home’s drains and into the city sewer main. Instead of being flushed away, this debris begins to form a clog in your drain pipe and will soon result in a nasty backup. The only proper disposal for kitchen grease and oil is in a garbage can.


Homeowners have become very confident in the abilities of their garbage disposals. They will stuff everything from leftovers to peels and coffee grounds down a disposal. Then, with the flip of a switch, they expect all of that garbage to be magically transported away via the drain pipe. But garbage disposals were not designed to work in that manner. They were intended to handle small pieces of waste that were washed from dishes and cookware.

Stuffing garbage down your sink is only going to speed up the formation of tough drain clogs and shorten the life of your garbage disposal. Place all food waste and debris in a proper garbage can. This practice will eliminate almost all of the potential for a kitchen drain clog and nasty backup in your sink.

Old Pipes

Everything in your home wears out eventually. And even with proper care and maintenance, your water and drain pipes will reach the end of their life expectancy. Regular plumbing inspections are the best way to avoid clogs, cracks, and leaks that are a part of life with old piping. As pipes and fittings age, they become brittle and prone to cracking. These tiny leaks are both annoying and dangerous.

The annoyance is calling in the pros from Gordon AC & Plumbing every few weeks to repair yet another leak in a water pipe or drain. But the danger lies in hidden leaks in your home. These leaks could be in your walls, floors, or ceilings. And because you do not see the leaks or the puddles of water, your home could begin to suffer substantial water damage and even black mold growth. And the repairs and remediation of mold are costly.

When you suspect that any of these issues are present in your home, a quick call to (318) 202-9144 is always your best course of action. The Gordon AC & Plumbing team of licensed plumbers has years of experience dealing with all types of plumbing issues. And with our 24/7 emergency service, you never need to spend a sleepless night worrying about what you think could be a serious plumbing problem in your home.