6 Signs That You Need AC Service

Most homeowners take their AC unit for granted until it fails. And when that happens, they quickly discover what an essential service it was providing to their home. You can avoid that miserable few days and nights without the comfort of cool air by paying a little attention to the clues that your AC unit is giving you. When you notice any of these indicators or any issue, a fast call to (318) 202-9144 to schedule a visit from Gordon AC & Plumbing could save you a great deal of discomfort in the heat as well as a considerable repair bill when your AC unit completely fails.

8 Signs You Need A New Furnace

Most homeowners live in fear of the day that they wake up to a cold house only to discover that their furnace is not working. When this happens, your first thought is to call your trusted HVAC contractor and hope that the problem is easily fixed. However, when you seem to have the number memorized, questions about replacing your furnace should begin to bounce around in your head. For many homeowners, the most critical issue after, can I afford it, is how do I know that this is really the time for a new unit? Here are several tips to know when the time has come to replace your furnace.

How Regular Maintenance On Your Heating System Can Save You Money

Most of us are creatures of habit. We wait until the weather is turning colder, and then we turn on our heating system. But until we begin to notice a chill in the air, we don’t think about our home heating system or that it might be ready for some TLC. The only time that we call an HVAC professional is when there is an issue preventing us from enjoying a warm and cozy home. And it might surprise you to learn that while this is common practice, it is also a process that could be costing you a great deal of money. Regular maintenance for your heating system offers many benefits, including the potential to save you some cash.

Preventing Unnecessary Wear And Tear

As with any piece of machinery, your heating system components do begin to wear out after years of use. Slowly the parts degrade and become less efficient. This places added stress and wear on other parts, and the downward spiral has begun. Your future could be filled with many visits from your HVAC pro to keep your heating system running through the cold season. But regular maintenance on your heating system can decrease the stress on all of these essential parts. Simple tasks such as removing dirt and debris from moving parts and applying grease and lubricant can significantly decrease the wear and tear on each piece and provide you with a more efficient heating system. Also, your HVAC professional will be able to determine which parts are showing the most wear and should be replaced. This proactive measure reduces the potential for a complete failure of a piece, which could result in damage to other parts. For example, replacing a small metal gear eliminates the chance of the gear shattering and damaging other parts of your heating unit. Now you are buying two new components instead of just replacing the one that was showing excessive wear and tear. 

Locating And Eliminating Leaks

Leaks are a bad sign in any type of heating system. If you have forced-air heating, you could be losing up to 30% of your heat because of leaks in the ductwork. An HVAC pro will inspect your ducts for leaks or blockages that could be robbing you of heat and causing your heating system to work harder than it should be. Making these repairs can add years to the life expectancy of your home’s heating system. Boiler systems and heat pumps also suffer from leaks, but these are far more serious. These are leaks in the water and refrigerant, and they can significantly diminish the heat that your unit is able to produce. Also, these leaks can be responsible for water damage in your home, which is expensive to have repaired. Like any leak in your home, the heating system leak will start out very small. If they are discovered quickly, during a routine maintenance visit, your HVAC expert can repair the leak very affordably. However, if the leak is not repaired quickly, it will grow into an issue that is far more serious and costs a great deal more to repair. Finding and fixing any leak, in any type of heating system is going to improve the system’s ability to heat your home, allow the unit to operate more energy-efficiently, and extern the life of the system. All of these benefits represent excellent savings for you. If you are not familiar with the regular maintenance required by your home’s heating system, a call to (318) 202-9144 can supply you with a great deal of information. A Gordon AC & Plumbing employee can set up an appointment for one of our trained HVAC technicians to come to your home and inspect your heating system. At that time, he or she can explain the process to you and show you the benefits of the maintenance. If you are not interested in performing the tasks on your own, let us know, and we will schedule an annual heating system inspection for you so that you will know your heater will be ready to do its job when the weather turns cold each year.

How To Know When It’s Time For A New AC

It can be hard for homeowners to determine when it is really time to start planning for a new AC unit. For the most part, you hope that your AC technician is honest with you and provides you with accurate information. But you can also be on the lookout for some specific indicators that will provide you with some insight. These signs, along with an honest evaluation of how much you use your AC, the climate that you live in, and the level of maintenance and care that you have provided will help you to decide when a new AC unit is your best choice.

Refrigerant- The Life Blood Of Your AC Unit

When you think of all of the critical components of your AC unit, you might include the blower, the vents, or even the electrical portion of the unit. But what makes all of those parts valuable is the refrigerant inside the lines of your AC. You might not even know what this is or how it is used to cool your home. But all of that is about to change because, without this critical piece of the puzzle, you will not be enjoying any cool air this summer.

Tips To Reduce Allergies Now That Your Furnace Is On

When cold weather arrives, you might think that your allergy troubles are behind you. But that is not the case unless all of your issues are related to pollen. For everyone who battles dust allergies and problems with pet dander, the worst part of the year has just begun. In cold months, most people spend more time indoors. And this means that you need to take a few extra steps to be sure that you are minimizing your allergy triggers related to your home's heating system. These few tips can help to reduce the allergens in your home and make this winter far more comfortable for you.

Common Signs Of A Slab Leak Everyone Should Know

If you live in a home that is constructed on a concrete slab foundation rather than a house built on a basement, then you need to know the common signs of a slab leak. Discovering this issue quickly and calling (318) 202-9144 for a slab leak detection appointment could save you thousands of dollars and a considerable amount of stress.

What Is A Slab Leak

As you know, in homes that are built on a slab foundation, all of the water service lines run under the concrete. Then the pipes are stubbed up through the foundation to provide water in the various rooms of your home. A slab leak occurs when one of these pipes develops a crack and begins leaking under the foundation of your home. The pipe might have cracked due to an extreme temperature change, the ground freezing, or when the soil under your home settles. But in all of these cases, the result is water flowing under your home’s foundation. And the potential for an excessive amount of damage to your house.

Easy Ways To Save Water Around Your Home

We all know that water is essential to human life. And we also know that water is a natural resource that is not unlimited. But it can be challenging to find ways to save water that are not drastically impractical, annoying, or costly. So most homeowners just sigh and give up. However, we have a few tips that you can apply to your own home that will help you save water without feeling like you are giving up on the modern convenience of indoor plumbing.

Why You Should Never Waste Your Time And Money On Liquid Drain Cleaners

Clogged drains are annoying, but they are also just a part of life. All of the oil-based beauty and bath products that we use, and the cooking grease and oil create some seriously sticky residue inside your drain pipes. This tacky mess begins to trap debris and food particles, and over time, clogs start to form. This is why Gordon AC & Plumbing recommends an annual professional drain cleaning to avoid the annoyance and potential water damage that can be caused by a clogged drain. Sadly, some homeowners choose to take matters into their own hands and try a jug of drain cleaner from the big box store, because they are unaware of the dangers associated with these products.

Preventative Plumbing Maintenance That Saves You Money

There is a lot of maintenance required when you own a home. Some tasks are easy to see and remember, like cutting the grass or painting the exterior when it begins to show some wear. But the maintenance required by your plumbing is much easier to overlook. However, these few simple tasks can help you to avoid some extensive repair and replacement expenses in the future.
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