Why Is My Heating Bill On The Rise?

As winter approaches, many homeowners begin to worry about the high cost of heating their homes. But what many are not aware of is that they can do a few things proactively to help keep their winter heating cost more reasonable. And while they all involve an investment, some smaller than others, they will all provide a substantial return on your investment. Not only will you be less stressed about the cost of heating your home, but you will also enjoy more comfort this winter and for years to come.

All You Need To Know About Water Heater Temperature Settings

Your home’s water heater is one of the top energy consumers in your home, behind the HVAC equipment. So when you are looking for ways to trim a little bit from your utility bills, this is a viable option. But before you make any decisions about changing temperature settings on your water heater, it is vital to have all of the facts.

A Very Important Benefit To Servicing Your HVAC Equipment

Depending on where you live, allergy season can range from a few months of discomfort to almost a year-round issue. But regardless of the length of time, allergy sufferers all agree that they need to find relief from the itchy eyes, runny nose, and trouble breathing. And for many, the best way to remain comfortable is to stay in their homes. But even that can create issues unless the HVAC system is getting regular maintenance.

How To Avoid Frozen Water Lines

Unfortunately, many homeowners will experience frozen pipes this winter. An unexpected cold snap might catch you, or the issue could be due to your home's furnace failing. But the result is always the same. You will be facing some costly and very frustrating water leaks once the temperature rises and the ice in your water pipes begins to thaw. Just a small crack measuring 1/8" can allow over 200 gallons of water to escape each day! That is roughly the amount of water needed to fill your bathtub four times.

Three Reasons To Schedule Your AC Tune-Up Today

Like most features in your home, it can be easy to forget about routine care and maintenance when everything is functioning correctly. And when you think about your air conditioner, that is undoubtedly true. You don't really think about it until that afternoon when you come home and find it uncomfortably hot in your house. But at that point, it is too late. There is a problem that is going to require the help of an HVAC expert. But that annoying event can easily be avoided when you call and schedule your AC tune-up today. Don't put it off and let it become another forgotten task on your to-do list. Call today and enjoy all of the benefits that you know are very valuable, like:

How To Prepare Your AC For Spring

Spring is a hectic time of year for most households. So it is easy to understand how you can forget about getting your AC ready for the coming hot weather. But understandable or not, that will be of little comfort when your home is sweltering, and your air conditioner is not working correctly. So plan early for a little bit of spring cleaning, AC maintenance, and a visit from your trusted air conditioning pros. This little bit of attention and investment from you is the best way to ensure that you will be basking in cool air throughout the hot summer months.

Water Heater Maintenance Every Homeowner Should Do

 The last thing you want to deal with this winter is a problem with your home's water heater. Few things are more annoying than a cold shower on a chilly day. And in most cases, that unpleasant experience can be avoided with just a little bit of regular maintenance for your water heater. These processes will help you prolong your unit's life expectancy and reduce the chances of a catastrophe like leaking hot water or no hot water at all.

The Value Of Knowing When To Call In A Licensed Plumber

As a homeowner, you are sure to understand the value of taking care of a few plumbing repairs on your own. It saves you money and provides a little sweat equity that you can be proud of. But over the many decades that we have been serving the community, we have learned that most homeowners do not know how to decide when it is time to call in the pros until it is too late. Not that you are going to damage your home's plumbing to the point that we cannot fix it, but you can take a relatively simple and inexpensive repair and make it much more costly after a failed DIY adventure.

The Benefits Of Annual AC Maintenance

The summertime can be a very enjoyable time of year, as long as you have a functional air conditioner in your home. It can be easy to take this modern miracle for granted because so many homes and businesses have central air. But all you need to do is go without air conditioning for a day or night in the middle of the summer. You quickly remember just how important this feature is to your overall comfort and happiness. And with that in mind, you will agree that comfort is a significant reason why you should have an annual AC inspection. But there are several other good reasons that you might be forgetting.

An AC Troubleshooting Guide From The Pros

Most homeowners are very much accustomed to living in air-conditioned comfort. And when that climate-controlled cool air is missing, it can throw your whole routine off. It is hard to sleep, get chores done, or even relax in a house that is too hot. But what many homeowners are not aware of is that many issues can be diagnosed on your own, and you can even repair some of them. This guide will help you determine what is wrong with your AC unit and if there is anything that you can do to get your home back to a more comfortable temperature.
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